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  1. interesting i've tried for hours to replicate this but i'm not savvy with a computer at all is there any chance you could share your a file of your skin. Love your approach to the game and would love a chance to try and do it my own way
  2. big fan of this thread and i love how you don't use the faulty star system can i ask what skin do you use?
  3. i've managed to download skins such a rensies but i can't seem to figure out how to remove the star system player personal details panel.xml
  4. I consider myself fairly average on computers but i've never used a downloaded skin before and being inspired by some threads i read about removing the star system i wanted to follow suit. after two hours i have completely failed at downloading a skin that can be used on fm19 can anyone help with this i don't understand any of the resource archive, unzipping stuff so i need a really basic help in getting this file on my fm can anyone help me pls what do i need download or use to make this work i'm trying to download a wannachup download skin_config.xml
  5. After my failures in Italy I’m heading to Denmark to Naseby boldklub who have never made it out of the second division and are a yo yo club with their history showing them to have won the unplayable league the most. Squad Facilities Season Preview Average squad with 3 standout players, my rotation players are deceiving though as I have a striker with 1 dribbling! A left back with 1 marking! Cb with 4 marking! So some awful stats but I’m positive we can make something with this squad with majority at least decent for this level. 19 Some decent intakes from the unplayable season but all but one is under 16 so will have to wait until their eligible. but once they are they'll definitely be getting some game time.
  6. Whilst a tempting offer, I don't have the patience for an english save haha and with the clubs not being professional its another big turn off for me
  7. Well that’s Modena finished with after 10 games winless only scoring 3 goals we played bottom of the table and here was the result their cb scored from a free kick, i found it so frustrating trying to create a style that works based on we had no wingers or strikers of any usable quality oh well onto the next one.
  8. Modena 2019/20 League Prediction Squad1 Squad2 U20s Manager Transfers An average season trying to restore modena to past glories. They went bankrupt and was then subsequently refounded in 2018. On paper the squad looks great but it's an ageing squad with no real pace or height up top and no full backs until I noticed the transfers of 3 full backs which I couldn’t cancel. We struggled for goals throughout with our top scores being our left back, our cm and a 39 year old striker who scored 3 pens and 2 free kicks. Just missed out on the playoffs but we had a really hard slog at times with our form inconsistent and deciding on a consistent style and formation was always a struggle with at first trying to make the best use of my players not really doing well eventually we settled on my natural 4141 as it seems to be the only formation with consistency to it. Youth intake 20a 20b Not the best intake with only a few players tagged, but i got 2 out of my 4 positions needed with a gk and aml, we never had a senior option in either and these two prospects look like they can really develop I managed to get my national c license before I went into the depths of insecure finances and never managed to get any more improvements although when I negotiate da new contract I was told my youth facilities will be improved but unfortunately this got cancelled. My most frustrating aspect of this season was a a failed takeover from a tycoon who wanted to give me a 40 million budget but unfortunately my useless board couldn’t negotiate anything. Onto season 2 and with no attacking players it'll be interesting to see how we get that damn ball in the back of the net
  9. Season 6 A good recovery season from the team as we looked to do well in the Amateur First division again and we started off in impressive fashion but after the winter break we had our usual annoying spell of struggling to score/win games but we recovered to ensure we finished 3rd in the table and in the play off table we finished 2nd 4 points behind the winners Dender and i found this year many players are struggling to get to their potential as this season will be known as the first major exodus of disappointing youths as tagged players will be realised due to disappointing progress and poor performances and this season also saw a return to the 442 and it worked well as we have some good striker prospects but they're all players that i believe need a strike partner so next year i'm looking forward to building on a strong campaign! Team of Year- 3 players our Gk who i find very impressive, our Bart who i mention later in the review and Our last starting original Weeghmans i left him out of my top 3 as i think he's been overtaken this season in his positions. Manager of the year 2nd not bad but i want no.1 next season in both of the annual awards! Top 3 Players Bart Hendrickx- Fantastic year he continues to improve and was named the 3rd best player in the division as he had the best average rating there was a point where i was sure he would leave as he was running out of contract but eventually he signed a deal so looking forward to him dominating again next year! Jef De Greef 194- Our Captain now had a good season started off very well but an injury derailed him and he struggled to recover and was overtaken as our best rated striker according to the reports but i still think highly of him and hope he can improve on his 15 goal total that is if he will stay as i had promised him promotion and since we failed he's been drawing some interest. Ewen Walraevens 191 - Plays well but i expect more especially since he's our first 1k wage player and our first over 100k value player still is quite raw hoping he can improve next season. 23"Intake Decent intake more taggable players than last 2 intakes and as you can see our congo's continue to come through. 231- a strange prospect because of his lack of physicals but hopefully his decent technicals and mental attributescan lead to progression and goals goals goals! 232- a good technical prospect in centre midfield and already looks very promising 233- tall rm i like the look of him physical but with decent crossing for a youth. 234- similar to 233 expect with amazing determination he will likely stay on just to be a tutor but hopefully he fulfils his potential. 235- a much needed centre back prospect need him first team so i can have more options in defence Season Aims Do well in league ( interestingly 2 previous team who won the amateur and then got relegated back have been relegated below the amateur division) Achieved Improve youth ratings Failed Try to remove massive debt Failed our debt is huge it'll either take getting back to the pro league b or a big money sale which we're nowhere near to achieving keep youth players Achieved Stay Professional if i can Achieved Next Year Aiming Big lets get promoted Somehow Improve something within the club Decrease the wages we're currently 6k over
  10. @vikeologist i was in the belgian first amateur to start then promoted to pro league B but as of my last update we're now back in our first division
  11. Season 5 Despite our efforts we have been relegated back to the belgian amateur division simply put we were not good enough for this level our defence from last year crumbled majority of players disappointed and we actually went on a massive  winless run where nothing would work i think this year all the teams improved and there was nobody who performed worse than us as we lost big games to my frustrations as we always had some silly mistake in us i'm actually looking forward to the amateur division again it will allow for some wins and confidence boosting! There's 0 chance of me doing a top 3 of players as i don't think anyone didn't deserve relegation Table Playoff This seasons aim Survive again and hopefully improve on the position- Massive Fail Improve how potent the attack is - Yes but didn't improve enough Aim to improve facilities again! we're massively in debt so another fail Keep our youths ! Yes but 2 youths are unhappy at relegation so hopefully this stays green!! 18" -Disappointing most of the taggers are performing poorly some are struggling for even a look in for the first team Highest Rating- Geoffrey De Greef 185 a good year from the full back got his first goal for the club but will struggle next year as the competition is increasing and improving. Honourable Mention- Chancel Matumona Poor average rating but i felt i had to mention him as he 32 league games and got capped by Congo U20s looking forward to him next year as he's a a future captain in my eyes i just need to find a partner for him One to Watch Bart Hendrickx- he's been on my radar for some time now as he showed massive improvements originally he was a 2 star blue start with 2 star potential its been a journey for him but he's earned his first team role very proud of him making a impact in the team expecting big things next season. 19"- much better from this year all are in the first team picture looking forward to this years progress as they're definitely our best intake to date. Highest Rating Ewen Walraevens 191 finally started to perform and is now rated my best player Honourable Mention Jean Louis Stevens 192 spent majority of the season as our top goalscorer thanks to a hatrick in the cup at the start of the season he performed decent and helped improve or form at the end of the season it's shame he wants to leave but it will take a good offer to prise him away. One to Watch Jef De Greef 194 frustrates at times but finished with his best total yet at 8 league goals i really hope he continues his latter form into next year as he's without a doubt my main striker 20"improvement as more and more stake a first team claim Highest Rating Ourdy Kinsombi 204- starting to get more games and interest hopefully the former continues and the latter stops! Honourable Mention Wesley De Keyser 207 good year from him and i felt overall he shows more consistency to his game and is definitely a prospect One to Watch Andy De Smet 205 came into the team and did well as my original keeper has continued to make mistakes 21" no impact from this intake so won't link anybody expecting better for next year 22"Looks good and with good personalities most are at 1 gold star already. 221 nearly put him in the first team but resisted temptation i love his stats if he had better dribbling he could be a good deep lying forward his determination is through the roof i hope he can actually make an impact. 222 another winger hopefully he can break through 223 some nice stats will be interesting to see how he progresses 224 i'm getting sick of right backs i've got 4 right backs currently ready for more football! Next Season Aims Do well in league ( interestingly 2 previous team who won the amateur and then got relegated back have been relegated below the amateur division) Improve youth ratings Try to remove massive debt keep youth players Stay Professional if i can
  12. Season 4 A fast update i know but the short seasons really do suit me theirs never a point where the season drags. So we survived just by having Tubize being worse than us we actually started off very strong going on 6 game unbeaten run in all competitions but after that went away we struggled and so have i as the better defences have shut off any attacking potential as our top goal scorer was 5 goals and he was a centre midfielder i think the problem with my attack is its been too far from each other so they either lose the ball or close themselves off from the game so i'm trying new instructions and have stopped our famous possession based ways. This year was very good for our youths as many got good game time as i find myself getting rid of more and more originals. Changing my format again so i will post my top 3 highest rating players out of everyone and then for each intake (except the new one ) I will post the best rating the honourable mention and potential for next season. Table Playoff Top 3 Jannick Weeghmans- A driving force yet again wasn't as good as last year but is in my opinion our best performing player and will hopefully continue in this same form next season. Amardeep Singh- Ah our English Giant has played for the Tienen his entire career and he certainly stepped this height is vital for our team thanks to our small cb , he's getting on now and we're struggling to find a partner for him never mind a replacement! Artur Hannes- Questionable choice but he did have a good year and is a good keeper although i do think each season he's declining as his mistakes continue to increase hopefully one of my youth keepers makes massive improvements. 18" Intake Still performing well but i want most to kick on as generally the 18's have kept the same progression. Highest rating- Stef Aerts 186 - Has improved massively and was a key player yet again has pro league b potential had trouble with discipline this year with 10 yellows but still a very good year for in my opinion the best youth we've got. Honourable mention- Geoffrey de Greef 185 - Fantastic name and has played well mostly but still has very poor games i would say a 1 in 5 ratio hoping he has more of a challenge from other youths as he doesn't benefit from the competition that right backs have. One to watch- Gunther Devos 187- I love his stats but i need him to step up asap as we struggle for goals and he was my top scoring striker with 4 in 22 games! 19" I still want more from this intake as generally at best they're all squad rotation players Highest rating- JLS/ Jean Louis Stevens 192- His stats are impressive as he's good fast player for Aerts but he's got better mental stats he played decent in a higher level and was generally my attacking central option of the bench. Honourable mention Bram Verburggen - The untaggable strikes again not as impressive but 16 games is still a good tally for a tougher division his versatility meant he always had a place on my bench. One to watch- Jef de Greef 194- unfortunately not related to 183 our highest rated youth but unfortunately he kept getting long injuries and i think this disrupted him as he had 18 games but only a pitiful 2 goals his finishing must improve as he waste many chances his speed gets him! 20" no impact whatsoever from this intake a few of this got games but highest appearances was 9 and that was because he's my back up left back. Highest rating- Ourdy Kinsombi 204- 4 games yet he played very well in those 4 bagging an assist and his first goal hope he improves next season. Honourable mention None for this intake as nobody else came close to performing to a good standard. One to watch Thomas De Cock (nobody giggle!) 203- played better than his rating states has pro league potential i look forward to seeing him improve his challenge for starting 11 next season. 21" Poor intake for potential, in this i was desperate for strikers and centre backs at least i got the strikers both decent prospects the only negative is their personality i had 7 out of 16 players with in my opinion poor personalities my hoyd will get another chance though as most are high potentials players Nationalities 211- certainly made an impression scoring 2 games in 5 games at the end of the season shows promise and will get opportunities poor determination. Has the exact same name as a youth from 18" i think belgium doesn't have a diverse last name base. 212- part spanish looks like a good playmaker from deep hopes he makes improvements but for now he'll be in the reserve squad 213-a nice tall striker good stats finally a target man who looks like a target man! Seasons Aim Continue giving more game time to youths- this is without a doubt Improve facilities and become professional- facilities didn't come to tuition but becoming professional immediately Survive- YES YES YES Next season aims Survive again and hopefully improve on the position Improve how potent the attack is Aim to improve facilities again! Keep our youths !
  13. What a season for the belgians we had a good season bouncing back from last year we had goals from all over luckily because our top goalscorer barely got into double figures. We were playing a lot of youths and managed to stay in the top 4 majority of the season and we ended up finishing 2nd on 51 points whilst league leaders Beerschot were on 58 and this is where belgiums flawed promotion comes into place as in the promotion stage 4 teams play each other twice with their points halved and the goal difference to 0 i think it's unfair for the leaders and last time out in this stage we didn't win a game so imagine my delight when we won our first 3 we then went onto draw our next 3 games but it didn't matter because a draw in game 5 was enough to secure our PROMOTION!!! Celebration times at Tienen as a long season is coming as history has shown the past 3 winners of the belgian amateur division have all been relegated in their first season in Pro league B Past Positions League Table Playoff Table Facilities Negative of this wonderful season was our ever growing debt which lead to the pesky board some of you have spoke off to come back and bite me as my best prospect 181 was sold for a measly fee i really liked him and he was actually ever present till the point he left so to lose him was devastating especially since he finally made his international debut! for one minute. This exit stung even more as only a couple days earlier his potential partner/replacement 195 left for a tiny fee he never played for me as i was hesitant to play two smaller youths at cb especially when we have 3 senior cbs already he was well ahead in his development and could've been fantastic i do hope he fulfils his potential despite his early exit. Team of the Year Manager of Year A very big shoutout to Jannick Weeghmans my star player and favourite he was a machine for us and in the play offs he played majority of the game against beershot in the 2nd game of the playoffs he played the majority the game with a damaged heel! The driving force of the team and undisputed first name on the team 18" Intake every one got some games it seems despite be very raw technically they are ready for seniors as most are squad rotation and first team players 181 As mentioned he left hopefully his 40% sell on clause comes handy big miss for the team but we had others to step up into his absence and one player who impressed and has developed well over the past couple of years is this guy Chancel did well when played hoping he continues his development from the youths into the seniors. 182 Played 20 games this year as him and Boudadi shared game times he does well but has an eventual poor game still lacking technical ability but performs to a decent standard and i hope he continues to progress well. 183 For majority of the season he was really good i like his mobility and improved a lot in comparison to last year but again similar to 182 he lacks technical ability but didn't affect his performances. 184 needed more game time and he impressed in a short spell before eventually dropping off he needs to improve heavily as there's two younger youths much better than him, he did actually score in my eyes our goal of the season a first time volley from 35 yards. 185 Played 20 games but expected more from him and now he's got competition in 203, i like his high work rate and team work couple with brilliant fitness and i have high hopes that the next level will be good for him. 186 when he first arrived in our academy i wasn't sure where to play him but he suited centre mid very well and actually came third in young player of year very well done from him as he achieved my target from last season and achieved over 7 rating. 187 16 games and 5 goals decent return thats made him worse when one was a hatrick and other a brace so for 14 of the games he was goalless i struggle with his role as he's not a target man thanks to his jumping reach so hopefully he can start to develop as i'm desperate to have a consistent striker 19" Intake i had expected more from this intake as it was disappointing that an untagged player performed the best in their first full season i think next year will be this intakes big year in terms of making an impact in the senior team. 191 A physical star but very disappointing in his appearances as he failed to put an end product to his dribbling i hope he start to get the ball in the back of the net or he risks being overtaken by other youths and he's drawing interest so for hopefully theres no offers. 192 JLS got some decent games despite our best performing players being in his position i really like the look of him his mental and physical stats looks good unfortunately for him he came more into the team at the end of the season where the stakes were high. 193 made only 1 appearance and possibly deserved more but we have a lot of options in left wing so if he gets chances he'll have to step up he seems very similar to 184 so hopefully he can follow his trend of getting more games in his third year. 194 I like this player he's pacey a good finisher and a potential captain his rating was dragged down by poor performances where he missed chances but he gets himself in the right place which is a key thing for me so if he becomes clinical he could be my number one striker 195 Previously mentioned he's departed disappointed but wasn't a loss in the first team a bigger disappointed was his fee! 196 Made an appearance in the dead rubber last play off game a bit defensive and slow for my liking as a full back he's developed nicely as he's nearly on par with 182. 197 Bit on the small side for goalie very promising it will be interesting to see if he can break into the team. Bram Verbrugen Developed really well and deserved a tag i initially didn't tag him as he didn't look better than either of the wingers of this intake but he developed really well and broke into the first team he mainly played as an inside forward on the wing and with 4 goals to show for it i look forward to seeing how he progresses. 20" Intake Very High potential and provides some competition for existing youths and hopefully some make an impact in the next season. Nationalites- a couple of congo's again but overall i'm happy with the personalities its a variety but with only one player with low determination and even a player who's driven with 18 determination it's shame he's an awful player. 201 looks like a potential star did well in his two performances 202 A centre back who is already on par with our other cb youths high potential. 203 finally a challenge for Greef i hope they can spur on a competition similar to boudadi and belle 204 looks good and good challenge for our resident dm 183 205 very similar to 197 slightly lower potential but abhigher starting cpa for now he's the u19 keeper 206 has played well for the youths so far he has a lot of competition so will have to make sure his chances are taken 207 read 206 Season Aims Get some youths to be key players- Yes more and more youths played get rid of deadwood and overpaid- Two players left at the start both retired and both weren't missed looking for more players to depart but i think we need as much experience as possible for next year Aim to improve on 9th position- achieved without a doubt Next Season Continue giving more game time to youths Improve facilities and become professional SURVIVE!
  14. A much tougher season in my belgian adventure we started the season off very well winning 2 out of our first 3 games by at least 3 goals and we drew against recently relegated beerschot but after that the 442 struggled mightily i would regularly have both strikes below 6.5 rating so i decided to join the rest of belgium in a 4123 formation which provided good results until the second stage of the season where we struggling to score again!! and i kept changing formation which i should know from previous attempts only leads to disaster so i went back to 4123 for the last 3 games and we won 2 lost 1 to finish 9th not the worst season just slightly disappointing in comparison to last years title challenge. The season Aims Phase in more youths - Yes all 8 tagged youths saw game time Recover from end of season form- Sort of we still had our struggles Look to improve facilities- only improved junior coaching we're too much in debt to improve anything atm Keep Key players- was never in doubt League Table Positions Squad review- still doing a full review as i don't feel like we have a top 3 of performers yet we're generally a mix of average to poor performers this year. I think next season i will only review the youths that have made appearances and the new intake. Goalkeepers- Hannes- Poorer season his positioning annoyed me at times and i felt we could have had more points without him hopefully he can bounce back even stronger next season. Defenders- as you can tell we had a constantly changing back line but i felt it was similar to last year where we had a mix of positive and negative performers. Boudadi- Much improved season and he spent majority at right back and his 7 rating perfectly sums up his season as he was one of the more reliable players. Renson- as you can see from his tag he retired!! my only decent left back retired after getting an injury for 8-10 months through sprinting! most likely i will hire him as an assistant manager in the youths as his coaching stats are quite good he was having a good season as well with 7.13 rating from 13 games his absence allowed my youth left back some needed game time. Singh- Captain fantastic this year he's mr reliable and was one of the constants in the team as he was ever present in the league and only missed one cup game. Willems- disappointing from him in terms of appearances once he hit 25 he lost all his potential and became a leading player for the division below us admittingly i tried to preferred youths over. Verhamme- similar to willems except he actually performed poorly despite being the highest rated cb still a good player to keep around as an experienced head and versatile defender. Carton- My Milner did ok in his appearances but same issues as last year he needs to nail down a position as he's too much a jack of all trades and i can't see him breaking away from being the sub option Greeff 185- My young left back who got 16 games thanks to renson, he did well i like his stats nice team work and work rate i have high hopes of him and he'll start next year as our main left back. Joao Rodrigues 181- Our star youth i had loads of bids for him but the highest came to 15k in total which was never going to happen, he was called up by portugal u19s and u21s but never got on the pitch i really hope he can turn into our main cb next year. One concerning thing is his determination has dropped down to 12 over one season from 17. Belle 182- started off the season playing well and nailed down the rb slot but once our form went poor so did he and boudadi came in and belle struggled for opportunities, i do like him but he's got competition thanks to the new intake will be interesting to see who comes out on top. Midfielders Weeghmans- One of the first names on the team sheet when he wants too he can win games on his own with his driving ability and long shots he improved his stats from last year in terms of goals and assists and is definitely a driving force in the team Lacolley- i expected more from him tbh still had a good season but he needs to up his game to scare off any youths from overtaking him. Haroun-Not a bad player does well when played but i think he might be leaving as he wants £450 pw for backup player which went happen it'll be a shame as he's got good determination and tutoring potential. Grancea- feels much improved from last year he obviously read my review last season as he stepped up to claim the right wing spot as his own but he's got competition in the youths now so will have to keep improving. Houze- Same as Grancea but to a lesser extent. Aerts 186- With the formation change playing him as a cm-a he does ok in his appearances but i want more from him a little target from me is for him to be in 7's for next season. Kristoff 184- Good player with decent pace but poor technicals he was fantastic in the youth teams and did ok in his appearances this year but with the best youth of the 19's being a right winger he'll have to translate his youth form to seniors fast so he's not forgotten. Bart 188- Our first youth scorer in the 2nd game of the season i really hope he has a massive improvement in his technicals as he's good potential but i can see him only ever being a backup player due to his decreased potential unless he has a big stats improvement . Verbist 183- good dm played well and do like him he's a bit of a kante player in my eyes and hopefully continues in the same form next season. Attackers- as you can tell our offence was awful this year and i actually hated how inconsistent we can be in front off goals nobody can step up and play decent on a regular basis which is disappointing hopefully someone steps up next season. Eboigbe- Poor year from him again and he could be leaving he's another asking for too much money and not playing well enough for it. Djouck- Very disappointing from our best player on paper he would always play poorly but there was never any telltale reason for it i'm struggling with him and he wants 1k in his next contract i'm hoping for a big offer for him as he's such a let down. Constadines-Probabaly deserved more games but he could only ever be a short term option nothing more he was more well known for his tremendous form in the un21s. Greef-194 The first 19" player to play and he disappointed but i like the look of him and hope for a good season for him. Devos-187- 2 goals in 11 games is poor but i think he'll be a top player one day as he's got good stats hopefully he'll improve his performances for next season. Youth Intake- a nice intake seems to be more well round than last years class i forgot to indivually tag most of last years as well so imagine how i felt when i realised i hadn't tagged any of this years until a month or so after the intake. Nationalites 191- made on appearance nothing special in that game but he's already improved to be 2 star ca so for me he looks like a more well rounder version of 187 bart hopefully he can put some pressure on grancea for next year 192- similar to 186 aerts except he's the smaller version needs to improve his passing and technique but he's got good physicals and good mental attributes to be a good cm-a 193- Barts 188 challenger a like his 16 flair unfortnutenly he got injured in the trial game i haven't been able to see what he's like in game but there's an open slot in lw for him in the seniors if he wants it. 195- Looks very promising similar to Joao from last year except for his very poor determination he has the potential to break into the first team next year it will be interesting to see if he can as he's now the 4th youth cb I've got but he's already ahead of 2 untagged 18"s from last year in terms of ability. 196- Belle's 182 challenger a dual international of albania he's doesn't have much to stand out in terms of his attributes the best thing about him appears to be his name! 197- High potential hopefully he can replace hannes bit on the small side and not sure about his rating in tendency to punch . Next season Aims Get some youths to be key players get rid of deadwood and overpaid Aim to improve on 9th position
  15. Question for some of the more experienced members here where do you think this player will be best suited Stef Aerts Currently i play 442dm in my eyes he could be a decent deep lying playmaker because of his vision touch and technique but i also think he could do well as a deep lying forward or target man thanks to his height and strength and decent flair and vision, i know his finishing is poor for a striker but i'd be willing to work with that. anyways let me know where you guys think he could be best suited for i can't decide as i don't have a particular need in either position.
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