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  1. hello, i really like the base skin but i want to figure out where to locate the star ratings and remove them and also change the attributes from number to colours. I've tried some custom skins that looked amazing but my computer doesn't have the screen size so all the panels don't fit properly. any information would be much appreciated
  2. Thank you all for your replies, i really appreciate this. I've decided to loan him with a potential buy clause and see how he goes. Milan and other big teams have quite a few 22 yo plus players with little to no match experience it's such a shame to see this as i remember in previous years lower division Italian clubs had loads of loanees, i think it was to avoid debts which is common in the Italian football pyramid. So i'm going to try my best to unlock this potential.
  3. My query is can you get a player like this to a level near enough their potential over 22? I see so many high potential players go to waste at their top tier clubs and this guy is a prime example he turns 24 in a weeks time and he's made 5 professional appearances but his potential shows he could be a Serie A level player? if i signed this player would i have much chance of getting him to this level considering that he's a good 2nd division player and he's got potential that would for my club put him at a good 1st division player? I've always operated on the basis that if their over 22 and they're not within a star of their potential their unlikely to reach this potential but i'm really into trying to recover and restore this fallen youth prospects. Anyways let me know any opinions on this and if their is any insight into player development that i may be unaware of. I do understand that at 18yo age is when playing time is crucial so i really wonder what will happen if this inexperienced 23 nearly 24yo starts playing games will his development and star ability undergo a sort of boom from finally getting some games? I'm also quite tempted to sign him and then loan him to a serie B club to see if he plays well at a level that is good for him as he may reach his potential rather than playing at my club where i expect him to be average as we battle relegation but this goes back to my understanding that if they're not playing well they're not gonna make good progress at a club.
  4. Thank you so much for that in depth reply, i really appreciate it. I think i need to try other systems and formations as i'm sick of the 442 and i really want to test my tactical ability again instead of this tactic i have built. I really want to try 3 at the back its something i've never tried consistently and after watching Brighton dominate my newcastle the other week i really want to try and build something similar to theirs. Looking back at the saves i've had, i've always found the most enjoyable ones to be the ones where i struggle and have to keep working and tinkering to become more successful instead of just using one tactic and never changing anything based on who i'm playing and which players are playing for me.
  5. Long time lurker and first time posting regarding the tactical side of fm. I suspect that this will be a issue that's not talked too much about. Essentially during a SAF challenge I found myself struggling with my newcastle side and on the verge of the sack, i had tried my trusty 4 2 3 1 possession based system but results weren't going my way at all. I had always tried to implant a free flowing attacking style reminiscent of the 90s entertainers but had thus fair failed. Dreading not hitting my target I turned to reading some of the more tactical posts on these forums and using advice from the FM YouTuber Zealand on how my tactic isn't working with the current players. So I came up with this whilst utilising the team instructions from zealands tactics, i had changed the roles to fit my team and vision and since then I have updated this tactic twice over in terms of personnel roles. I went from struggling near the bottom table to finishing 3rd the next season. I then went on a 6 titles in a row getting into every cup final run I did some excellent buying in the early seasons with youth prospects who had turned into bona-fide superstars. So you may be wondering so what is the problem? Well my issue is a question of have i made a broken tactic, without intending too it feels like my tactic is a complete plug and play where if u play players of decent quality you win. I used this system as a bottom table Italian side and managed to finish 6th and being able to get to a cup final and doing the double over juventus and this was achieved with only signing a couple of youth prospects. Feeling dissatisfied I intended to test this system on lower league save where I took Gloucester who were 21st in vanarama North to league 2 in the span of 2 and a half seasons, this was achieved by completely changing an entire team each season through the use of 1 year contracts. I suppose I may just be overthinking it but it just feels like a broken tactic where I win 9 out of 10 games. whilst the team instructions have remained the same i tinkered with roles and ended up with this The only player instructions i have is to shoot less often on the wide players and if i notice poor passing percents i usually add take less risks and as my team became even better i went to this tactic as the final version The annoying thing is i think this tactic would be super easy to play against as everyone runs around like a mad man leaving all sorts of gaps and all you'd need to do is either lump it pass my midfield or just play through it since everyone is just pressing, anyways let me know what you think and as i'm quite down about how good this tactic is as i don't think it's realistic for me to have at least 70% win percentage through multiple levels of football and in different countries. So I suppose my queries are is this look like a plug and play tactic? What can I do to get away from this tactic as it really does entail the type of football I want to play and I don't want to go back to possesion tiki taka or even try countering football. I try my best to stay away from any match engine breaking trends have I managed to do a few of these unintentionally?
  6. interesting i've tried for hours to replicate this but i'm not savvy with a computer at all is there any chance you could share your a file of your skin. Love your approach to the game and would love a chance to try and do it my own way
  7. big fan of this thread and i love how you don't use the faulty star system can i ask what skin do you use?
  8. i've managed to download skins such a rensies but i can't seem to figure out how to remove the star system player personal details panel.xml
  9. I consider myself fairly average on computers but i've never used a downloaded skin before and being inspired by some threads i read about removing the star system i wanted to follow suit. after two hours i have completely failed at downloading a skin that can be used on fm19 can anyone help with this i don't understand any of the resource archive, unzipping stuff so i need a really basic help in getting this file on my fm can anyone help me pls what do i need download or use to make this work i'm trying to download a wannachup download skin_config.xml
  10. After my failures in Italy I’m heading to Denmark to Naseby boldklub who have never made it out of the second division and are a yo yo club with their history showing them to have won the unplayable league the most. Squad Facilities Season Preview Average squad with 3 standout players, my rotation players are deceiving though as I have a striker with 1 dribbling! A left back with 1 marking! Cb with 4 marking! So some awful stats but I’m positive we can make something with this squad with majority at least decent for this level. 19 Some decent intakes from the unplayable season but all but one is under 16 so will have to wait until their eligible. but once they are they'll definitely be getting some game time.
  11. Whilst a tempting offer, I don't have the patience for an english save haha and with the clubs not being professional its another big turn off for me
  12. Well that’s Modena finished with after 10 games winless only scoring 3 goals we played bottom of the table and here was the result their cb scored from a free kick, i found it so frustrating trying to create a style that works based on we had no wingers or strikers of any usable quality oh well onto the next one.
  13. Modena 2019/20 League Prediction Squad1 Squad2 U20s Manager Transfers An average season trying to restore modena to past glories. They went bankrupt and was then subsequently refounded in 2018. On paper the squad looks great but it's an ageing squad with no real pace or height up top and no full backs until I noticed the transfers of 3 full backs which I couldn’t cancel. We struggled for goals throughout with our top scores being our left back, our cm and a 39 year old striker who scored 3 pens and 2 free kicks. Just missed out on the playoffs but we had a really hard slog at times with our form inconsistent and deciding on a consistent style and formation was always a struggle with at first trying to make the best use of my players not really doing well eventually we settled on my natural 4141 as it seems to be the only formation with consistency to it. Youth intake 20a 20b Not the best intake with only a few players tagged, but i got 2 out of my 4 positions needed with a gk and aml, we never had a senior option in either and these two prospects look like they can really develop I managed to get my national c license before I went into the depths of insecure finances and never managed to get any more improvements although when I negotiate da new contract I was told my youth facilities will be improved but unfortunately this got cancelled. My most frustrating aspect of this season was a a failed takeover from a tycoon who wanted to give me a 40 million budget but unfortunately my useless board couldn’t negotiate anything. Onto season 2 and with no attacking players it'll be interesting to see how we get that damn ball in the back of the net
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