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  1. This thread is like a holy bible to me, shout to @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! for creating it and inspiring me out of my little FM18 rut I had after running a couple of good saves before Xmas. Currently just starting the 2nd season with Ajax having won the Eredivisie and Dutch Cup first year, using a 3-5-1-1 almost identical in style to the original post. Still struggling to find a way to consistently counter 4-2-3-1s/4-3-3s against top teams in Europe/PSV & Feyenoord though, latest I have come up with which won the Dutch Super Cup against PSV is the below. Almost in the shape of a conte 3-4-3 but retaining the fluid, high press, and in attack Van De Beek pushes forward to almost become the CAM he usually is, Blind steps out of the back 3 when facing 1 lone striker to almost become the usual central DLP, and the IWBs play as supporting CMs when in possession, but allow crucial extra numbers out wide when defending, and this lets the inside forwards press higher without us getting exposed. As yet, it’s a bit untested long term, and I’m possibly thinking of moving the IWBs back inside as carriellos, but I’d love to hear of anyone who’s managed to adapt the system with success and not lose the core principles of the diamonds, high press, width and style of Cruyff from the original tactic!
  2. Hi Guys, I just wanted to start a thread based on a system I'm currently trying to run with Ajax and if anyone has tried similar. I have always been a possession football, high pressing fan inspired by Cruyff then Pep, and I'm trying to run a system based off of @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!'s amazing thread on Cruyffs 3-4-3 diamond. I have copied the 3-5-1-1 from that thread almost to the letter minus a few tweaks here and there, and as a system based on dominance, we are dominating the Eredivisie in January first season with no signings, in the Dutch Cup semis and Europa League Knockout round. However I have found, obviously, that it can be weak against stronger teams playing 4-2-3-1/4-3-3, as their high, wide wingers really stretch the back 3, and you are extremely reliant on covering players through the middle. If one player doesn't track properly, it all goes wrong in one swift counter attack. We struggled through the Europa league group stage with alll 3 teams playing 4-2-3-1 and needed some luck, I also got done 4-0 by AZ Alkmaar in my only league defeat so far, again they played a wide 4-3-3. I have also had a few annoying wins where we should've had a clean sheet, but have conceded counter attacking goals. I knew the wide players were causing me issues. In my first game after the winter break, I ran the below system vs 3rd place Feyenoord who play 4-2-3-1, who are arguably stronger than my young Ajax team, just not as technically gifted perhaps. Having struggled to a 2-2 draw against them earlier in the season, i knew we needed something different: -------------------------------SK(S)----------------------------------- IWB(D)--------------------BPD(C)------------------------IWB(D) ------------------------------HB(D)----------------------------------- W(S)------------CM(S)---------------CM(D)-----------------W(S) -----------------------------AM(A)------------------------------------ -------------------------------CF(S)----------------------------------- Most roles in the system are very similar as my standard 3-5-1-1, with the wingers being on support instead of attack, the HB(D) instead of a DLP(D) playing in the DM strata rather than CM strata, one CM changed to (D) instead of (S), and obviously the inverted wing backs instead of 3 CBs, the main change. We won the game 4-1, with my IWBs being in much better positions when Feyenoord won the ball to snuff long balls into the wide areas while still maintaining the overall traditional back 3 shape, the central striker was covered by both the BDP and the HB, and the defensive CM covered back against the CAM of Feyenoord. I did have my AM(A) set to man-mark their deepest CM so make sure he came back and helped defend, and also had my HB set to man-mark their striker to make sure he dropped in, almost as a 2nd true CB most of the time when defending. This total football fluid play was beautiful to watch, and going forward we still looked like the same time as in my main tactic. I'm wondering if anyone else has used anything similar defensively, as most people would see playing 1 true CB as almost suicidal? I have no doubts that the set-up at Ajax makes this system work due to the highly technically trained players and good work rate, but i really want to know if this could be seen as a long term fix to my tough games, or whether we have caught Feyenoord on a bad day. Any results anyone has had with a similar set-up are greatly appreciated!
  3. Just needing a bit of help regarding analysis of your team. On my team report analysis section it currently says that "10 of 33 goals against have come from the right side of the pitch" as a weakness. Does this mean that the goals are coming down the attacking team right side i.e. my left back, or they are coming from my right side of the pitch i.e. my RB? I want to make a tweak to amend it but not sure which side to change! Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello fellow FM'ers In a bit of a rut in my FMT save with Bristol Rovers, despite the board expecting us to battle against relegation this year(First season), I've managed to get the boys to top of League 1 at the start of Jan. However, in a routine 2-1 win over Walsall at home, my keeper(Kelle Roos) caught a meaningless cross in the 89th minute and broke a finger......now out for 6-8 weeks. Along with Matty Taylor getting injured in training for 2 weeks(Top scorer with 21 goals so far) then returning and not scoring for 2 games, we out of the blue lost 4 games in a row(albiet 2 were against 2nd place Rochdale and 4th place Sheff UTD) conceding 13 goals, despite having the 5th best defence in the league and top scorers in the league before this run of defeats. Our GD has gone from 21 to 9, and we've dropped from 1st with a 6 point gap to 4th. It is tight at the top, and we've already put together some good league runs this year including 11 games without losing so I'm not hugely worried, but surely this all can't just be because I've lost the keeper?! I'd love some tips if anyone has experienced similar to get the team out of this rut of form as I can't put my finger on whats going wrong. I haven't majorly changed the tactics or players, surely we haven't just been drastically over performing all year and now its all going to come apart?! Secondly, if anyone has any recommendations for some good level championship signings for to get in in the summer I'd love to hear them, assuming I go up. Got a fair few very average squad players who definitely wouldn't cut it in the championship with contracts running out, along with 6 loan deals ending, 2 of which are very key players this year. The squad will need some talent in the summer if we are to survive going up, I can't imagine I'll be given anything major in terms of transfer budget so if anyone knows of players with contracts running out at this level in Summer 2017 in the game I'll check them out. Want to get started early on scouting. Thanks for any help, and sorry for the lengthy post!
  5. Are you sure Midfield(Centre) is definitely his best postition? He's not better in CDM/CAM for example?
  6. I'd love to see a Notes feature added to players. Haven't noticed the importance as much coming up the leagues but now my Sheff UTD team is in the premier League, already very difficult for us, I'd love to see notes available for players so that I can mark that a certain player is injury prone, so that i can rest him midweek in the League cup so that he's fit for Manchester UTD away for example. Or that my LB doesn't like playing in big games, therefore i can use someone who will be better mentally suited to that fixture, without having to click into every individual player every time. Its very hard to keep track of these small traits/personaility differences in a squad of 20-25 players!
  7. Hi Guys, Been playing FM Touch since Christmas, absolutely loving the game having Taken Sheffield UTD so far from League 1 to the Premier League in 4 years, but is there a way of adding notes to players similar to what you can on PC? Would be nice to note the injury prone players, or the ones who don't enjoy the big matches etc Cheers
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