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  1. My First FM was 2006. I've owned 9 of them since then, and I've probably put an absolute minimum of 500 hours into each one. I know I've put in over 1000 on at least 4 of those, so I'd say, conservatively, 8000 hours. And that doesn't include pre- or non-FM management sims.
  2. Stats, stats and more stats. How many career hat tricks? How many career Champion's league goals? Honestly, just integrating some basic spreadsheet functionality to a player's history would go a long way. I'd love to be able to see total appearances in all competitions, cups, etc.
  3. Of course people care. But here's the thing: I'm 7 seasons into my main save in France. This is the save I plan on investing the most time in for now, and the rule problems were never much of a hindrance to me, so why would I restart now? I'm going to run it until I'm done, then start a new long-term save when they're done patching.
  4. I know consensus has been reached here, but I just wanted to add a little story. I worked with a woman who came in to work one day wincing in pain. She had stepped on an errant Lego brick left behind by her young nephew. This developed into a pretty nasty blister, which she ignored, figuring it would eventually get better. Long story short, 6 months later, she had to have about 1 square inch of flesh and a sliver of bone removed because the ensuing infection had caused necrosis. If she had gotten the blister treated and taken a week off work, she would have been fine. Instead, she missed about 3 months over the course of a year.
  5. I have a fair few from my midfield two in a 4-2-3-1. While the wingers, striker and AM hang around in the box, the two mids hover outside. They don't happen from way out, but definitely 5-10 per season from outside the box. I also seem to get a free kick from 30 yards at least once a season.
  6. It's not a 1:1 comparison, but remember Leicester fired Ranieri after they won the league. IMO, Ranieri should have been allowed to manage that club until he died at that point, but there's no loyalty in football.
  7. On the research front, they have the advantage of having access to 20+ years of previous games complete with player research. As far as rights go, I'm sure it wouldn't be any more difficult than it is right now. You can sort of emulate this kind of game already with community databases, though I must admit I haven't researched them for 2019 to see if any good ones are around.
  8. You should be able to resize the boxes by dragging the borders. I've found them to be a bit annoying to get at first, but I've managed to get them how I want. Also, WorkTheSpace has a pretty nice squad view available on the Steam Workshop.
  9. I can see this topic has kind of moved on from Page 1, but I do have one thing to add: I've played these games since Championship Manager 2 back in the late 90s, and I discovered that I enjoyed the game and its developments significantly more when I stopped buying it yearly. It gave me the time to really dig in to my saves, and enjoy the community contributions for much longer before tiring of it. It also effectively doubles the amount of new features for me to explore. I realize this doesn't address all of your complaints, but it will mitigate some of them.
  10. Just had a conversation with David de Gea in 2025 about how he wants to go to Real Madrid to win silverware. We've won the league 10 years running and the Champion's League 7 times in 11 years. Yeah, sure, buddy...
  11. I had a 26 year save on FM 07 that saw me win the Champion's League with Rosenborg (Norway) 5 times, and the Norwegian league 18 years in a row. It was a hard save to let go of. I fostered a thriving youth system to plug players into my custom 3-5-2 tactic, and I had some very memorable wins in Europe. I distinctly remember playing Arsenal in the Champions League final for both my 500th and 1000th game (what are the odds of that). The 500th game was my first Champions League win, and the 1000th was my 5th. Towards the 'end' of the save, I was basically playing weakened squads in the Norwegian league, only putting out my 'true' starting 11 in Europe. If I put out my strongest in Norway, it wasn't unusual for games to end six or seven - nil. My favorite player from the save was a South Korean named Young-Hoon Kim. He was an AM C, and I picked him up in 2012, which was the year I was allowed to start scouting the world. He played until 2027, and was integral in me winning three European cups. I also had a Portuguese youth product MC called Dias who played for me from 2008 to 2029, captaining for 17 years. He wasn't the best player, but he was consistent. I'm pretty sure I put about 40 days worth of play time into that save, and I can still name most of my starting 11 from 2012-2022 off the top of my head, as this was my 'golden age'. I miss that save a lot. Since then, I've never really had the time to pump into newer versions of the game, so I tend to pick bigger teams with bigger budgets, as opposed to picking less glamorous European sides and leading them to a dominant position. I only buy odd-year FMs, and I usually go with Manchester United as my first save. Sometimes I try to start a Rosenborg save again, but it's so difficult to motivate myself to play with them without remembering all of the fantastic players I had in that 07 save...
  12. I signed him back for Utd in 17/18 and play him in a front 2. He scored 37 goals and had 30 assists his first season, even being out 4 weeks. The season after, he scored 53 and had 17 assists. A couple seasons later, he's scored 8 in 5 at 35 years old. He's still got 15 in pace and acceleration, which is plenty for having him pull strings up front. Buy him if you can.
  13. As far as I've seen, the potential star ratings can fluctuate with more scouting, so maybe they're finding a bunch of players with 2 1/2 'hard' stars and one or two black stars, so they don't meet your criterion. You may just have to set them to scout youth without a star filter, and then go through the reports yourself to pick out individuals for increased scouting.
  14. I've got a way worse PC in terms of processor and graphics, and I'm running England, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, Spain and Italy with no problem.
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