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  1. Hi, so this happens EVERYTIME. My specs are above minimum required and everytime i booot up my PC for the first time, go to play FM 19 it starts off laggy. Like low FPS. Once my PC finally shuts down all of a sudden, I reboot it and the game runs absoultely smooth with no issues. It's always when I start my PC up each day. ANY help appreciated. DxDiag attached. DxDiag.txt
  2. No, not multi file. How could I prevent it from happening again? Apart from using multi file save, i'll start that now.
  3. Yeah it auto saved every fortnight in game and it saved to machine. I was running music on itunes in the background while playing
  4. I tried looking back at previous versions and there isn't any available?! Im in 2022 and it will be greatly appreciated if this was fixed!
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