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  1. Finally getting a chance to play a bit of FM, back to Bray Wanderers for a few games.
  2. Board approached me too, I made a couple of requests and they said yes because they wanted to keep me, so I've decided to stay with my extra wage budget they gave me.
  3. Nope I'm pre-season. It starts in March it's a strange season. Yeah I see what you mean but I'm going to be in a relegation scrap at Bray too I imagine, the pull of a professional club is tempting but I do want to make a go of it in Ireland then maybe look next summer as you say, tough decision.
  4. I'm in a dilemma, I applied at York City who are 19th in League 2 in January who gave me an interview. But Bray Wanderers have now entered contract talks with me as my contract expires this month, I can't delay the talks to see if York offer me the job. I've had a great season at Bray getting promoted to the first tier, signing some players and building a squad I'm happy with. We will be a weak team in the top tier though so it could be a difficult season. Both clubs have financial problems also, I'm not sure what to do! I've saved and stopped playing for now while I have a think, another factor is York are a professional club and Bray aren't. What would others do in my situation?
  5. I wasn't posting it as a bug, just thought it was funny.
  6. The best part is, the board called me for a meeting telling me they were upgrading it and of course I agreed.. Following day they tell me they are downgrading. Feels like a "Here's what you could have had!"
  7. What role is he playing? If it's BWM that role seems to almost always get a yellow card regardless of PPMs and player instructions. If not is one of his PPMs dives into tackles? Just criticise him and see how he takes it.
  8. Yeah it sounds frustrating but a good challenge with the B teams. What's even more frustrating is that I've had a regeneration come through, brimming with potential and good enough for a few substitute cameos this year, injury prone and can't play in big games! Also the guy I have tutoring him is leaving and won't sign a new deal. Think I'll be taking a chance on him anyway as you don't get much choice at this level.
  9. There isn't much income at that level of football at all so it's difficult to control it. Ways to help are organising high profile friendlies at home, having a decent cup run, good form in general attracts more people to buy tickets, but overall - get promotions.
  10. Crazy mate two first place finish promotions B2B! Nice one. How did you find managing B teams? Do you feel attached to Gillingham at all now or would you leave them given a good chance?
  11. It's going to be a long transfer windows that's for sure! I think I can improve enough to stay up and then build on it. We'll see. Yeah I'm the same in regards to better opportunities but I do want to stay in Ireland for a few years.
  12. My first season of this challenge with Bray Wanderers is coming to an end, overall an acceptable season. I've won second tier league with four games to go and got to a cup final which I lost to Shamrock Rovers (they've knocked me out of almost every cup!) Problem is, all my good players will not sign any contracts with me and most have already signed pre-contracts with other clubs. So my first year in the top flight next year could be horrendous.
  13. Yeah they have 1m a month debt until 2025. I managed them for 4 seasons on a recent game, took them up to the premier league second year somehow. Once you get TV money debts become irrelevant, I was getting 40m transfer budgets.
  14. Taking a few days out of FM due to work unfortunately :-( really looking forward to finishing my first season though hopefully have that done early next week.
  15. Haha brilliant! Made it even better being the last kick of the game. To be fair they didn't create much highlight worthy so I'm going to call it a tactical masterclass...
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