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  1. I remember posting something like this fm 2018, that the lag is more noticeable where the crowd is. Here we are again 2 years later
  2. Honestly this is unacceptable at this point. 3 years in a row now that this is happening. This year I didn't preorder the game because I wanted to see if this issue is fixed, but again it seems that nothing has happened.
  3. Your tactic now seems more balanced, so I suggest from now on to make small changes to roles or instructions and see how it goes. One tactic that im using right now is quite similar with a few differences and works pretty well so far.
  4. Hamburg : great choice if you got bored by the registration rules in Italy because you can sign as many foreign players you like. Nottm Forest and Ipswich : English lower divisions are my favourite, so many historic teams and with 46 games it can be very fun and interesting run. Benfica : I would choose them only if i would do a youth or homegrown challenge because otherwise i think it will be very boring. Velez : I haven't played in Argentina in a long time but it was a very fun save. Definitely something different from European saves. Steaua : Haven't played in Romania but i think with Steaua that your challenge will be to make them competitive in Europe. You also have some incredible players to start with (Coman, Nedeclu, Man and im pretty sure i forget another one) Deportivo : Great team, Spanish league is not very interesting imo in fm, as far as registration i think you can have 3 foreign players but it's easy for South American players to get the Spanish nationality (2 years?) Austria : Kind of the same with Steaua but i think that Austrian League will be more difficult at first.
  5. I'm not perfect with tactics either so don't take anything I say for granted but you say you change your attacking TI's, perhaps you should find some standard TI's and then adjust accordingly because i think that using different attacking TI's every game from the scratch is too much and it might be difficult for your players to reach high familiarity. For your defensive TI's if they park the bus your very high line and the level of your players makes it easy for you to keep them at their own half, but it's easier for them to defend too, because there is not much space to cover. So I think that your matches are boring because you have your opposition in their half but you don't know how to break them down. That's why you get a lot of set pieces and mainly score from them. As for your roles when i try to break down park the bus I rely a lot on my full backs and i don't think you get a lot of help from them offensively since one is defending and the other is in support, and I would change the poacher too because I don't think that role is good for a high press tactic since he doesn't have space behind the CB's to run.
  6. Perhaps Monaco they have a lot of great players from 16 to 23 to start with and great youth facilities to develop more. From England I feel Southampton is a great choice, they have some decent young players already and good facilities if I remember correctly. Another choice could be Bilbao, they produce incredible regens in every save but it's definitely a more difficult option.
  7. You need to give more info about your tactics and your team because there are a lot of reasons that this might be happening.
  8. Bolton is going to be a great challenge this year. Championship and the lower english divisions in general are my favourite definitely, so many great and historical teams there. Bundesliga 2 this year has Hamburg, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Hannover and i think it would be fun. Dresden and St Pauli are actually pretty high in my list but im waiting for fm2020 to decide.
  9. Im thinking Blackburn or Brentford from the Championship or a team from Bundesliga 2 because there are some great teams there right now.
  10. ''I relatively quickly lose interest and will not stoop down to the level of picking one of the worst teams in the hierarchy just to accommodate poor development.'' I assume by this that you prefer to choose only big or relatively big teams to play. There is nothing wrong with that but it makes sense that the game becomes easier this way. I suggest you manage lower level teams or try lower divisions because you are seriously missing out. If you only want to manage big teams try to challenge yourself by setting some goals and limits, like for example to have at least 4 players from you academy in your starting 11 or something similar.
  11. They said that the issue has been logged. Hopefully they will fix it soon. I put my save on hold too because my striker is useless against very defensive teams and it annoys me
  12. Davidmn27 it's a known issue, hopefully it will be fixed soon. It's not your tactic or the players
  13. FatRonaldo is right, I had a lot of players in U23, I moved a few of them to U18 and the workload improved, I moved the back and it worsened. I never noticed that before. Thanks for your answers guys.
  14. In my current save i have a problem with the workload of my coaches. I usually could get the workload to light or at least average with 1 good coach or 2, now even if i put 4-5 coaches at one area the workload is heavy or very heavy. If i ask my assistant to assign them some of the areas reach on average workload, but he uses everyone in every area so the quality of the training is falling way to much.
  15. The same happened to me, after a game i can't click anything with mouse, space and shortcuts are working though.
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