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  1. Hello to everybody What i would do is a long term career with a Prima Categoria team (8th italian division, 4 below professionism) without buying anyone: just the fruits of the youth facilities. Now, i have 2 issue: -President could sell these facilities in any moment? What can i edit to avoid that? -For me, the best thing will be having a flow of regen with increasing potentials while i climb to the top of the hill. How can i do that, what structure's level do you suggest me? There's a way/parameter to make my players more loyal? Thx to everybody!
  2. Hello to everyone! I'm struggling thinking&searching for the right team to do my next challenge (I've to bring Leyton to Europe before, and i'm almost in Premier in 4 years). What i want is to do a similar Athletic Bilbao challenge,starting with a little team with Good facilities (that could be fixed with editor btw) Flavour (you know, something particular in a social/folkloristic way), a romantic choice An European lower league (i was thinking about Belgium/Scotland/Holand/Portugal) with no too much competitors (coming from strenous english league 1/championship with their 46 matches every year... Max 18 teams) I fear that starting with a team from italian Prima Categoria (8th division, 4 under professionism) my President will sell all the facilities if i change them with Editor, is it true? Otherwise i think that C.L Lebowski could be perfect ( http://www.theguardian.com/football/the-gentleman-ultra/2015/nov/18/cs-big-lebowski-fans-football-club-the-dude if you don't know them). Thanks to everyone who coud help me!
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