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  1. Hi duccio, in your pack miss the Manchester United Logo
  2. @Krysler76 Thanks for the great job done. I, in version 1.4 I can't change the background when I click on the screen icon at the top right. the options come out but does not allow me to change the background
  3. why do you update all transfers of the major European leagues and not those of the German championships?
  4. I do not use other databases, only some file editors like FMInside-Update or fusion db for italian series
  5. hi @michaeltmurrayuk thanks for a brilliant work. Is there a way to not change the order of the boxes each time?
  6. Hi @steff13, thanks for a good work, but faces do not coincide with real players
  7. @pikawa94 Thank you so much!!!! I set -5 and now it works!!! The Bundesliga fbkits have not yet come out, but to fix the default kits problem as I have to do? I do not disturb you anymore, I promise. Thanks for your patience
  8. hello @pikawa94, last year I made a contribution of 5 euros for your excellent job. I wanted to ask you how to eliminate those annoying empty spaces that appear in the city and stadium pics. Thank you so much
  9. You're right, Neil, there was a conflict with a file in the date editor. Thank you very much and good job 93/5000
  10. I when I want to start a new career remains locked for at least a minute. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, but the problem persists
  11. after updating to version 18.1, I still have (like in beta) the issue of the fluidity of the calendar when I click on "continue" in the top right. Will the problem be resolved?
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