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  1. Something similar in the A-League as well. You can only have 5 foreign players but after a couple of seasons it switched to 4. Salary Cap of 2.55M per year. But you are allowed 2 Marquee players who are exempt from salary cap. There are also 3 Home grown player contacts, which give you an extra 200K breathing space. On top of that you are only allowed to register 23 full-contract players, 3 of which must be under 20. But you are allowed to use as many Youth Contacted players as you like - so you keep an eye on your Youth Players who need to cover any holes. It is incredibly difficult to sell players, and historically very difficult to dominate the league. Also it is not a financially viable league. Clubs are always in debt, and I'm now facing my second take-over in less than a year. When that happens, you get a transfer budget of $0 and you can't afford to release players on a free, but yet sometimes you don't have many other choices as you need to keep squad registration to 23 players (as soon as your youth players are over 20, you have difficult decisions to make). The big money comes from Asian Champions League - which takes place over course of 2 seasons. To qualify you usually need to aim for top 3 finish in the league. It's a wonderful mental challenge trying to juggle everything and remain successful. You need to give a lot of thought to your backroom staff. But I've thoroughly enjoyed the A-League. On other football games I get bored after 1 season. But here I'm now planning on extending my contact to the end of my 5th year in A-League!
  2. Just like to post an update 1 and a half seasons after winning the A-League grand final in my first year of FM - see my earlier post. For my 2nd year, the board set a target of finishing in the top 6, and I finished 4th. I just narrowly missed out on another AFC Champions League qualification! However because I had won the A-League the year before, I got to to play through Champions League and ended up being narrowly beaten in the Quarter Finals by Guangzhou! Now I'm into my 3rd season with no AFC Champions League so it was starting to look very boring. But before the season started my club was in financial difficulty and I had to face a board take-over. The new board gave me a $0 transfer budget, so I'm unable to buy anyone. I'm also unable to sell anyone at the moment - that seems really difficult in the A-League. However, I had to release a few players because I had more than 23 players in my side who were over 20 years of age. But what to do when you have $0 in transfer budget and board keeps blocking you from releasing players? Thankfully I was given the option to select the squad bonus for the year. I set it to Low, which gave me $100K in transfer budget. It also made the players sad, because they really thought they could win the A-League this year. But this $100K has allowed me to release 3 players and renew a few contracts that were going to expire this year. Whatever the case - I'm now leading the A-League and I'm almost half-way through the season! I haven't been in this position before with the club! I'm also in the final year of my contract so have been declaring public interest in a number of overseas jobs - trying to get into German 3rd division, but hopefully a Div 2 French or German job comes up! However, if I'm going to finish in the top 2 in the A-League this year, then I think I will stay on for another 2 years and contest the Asian Champions League again... (AFC CL takes place over 2 A-league Seasons, which is a bit annoying!) Hopefully my next mini-update will be telling you I've won the A-League Regular Season! I'm hoping that, if I still continue to apply for jobs - it might increase my negotiating power when it comes time to renew my contract at the end of the season....
  3. Hi There, Does anyone have experience with signing Home Grown Player Contracts in the A-League? In real life the salary cap is $2.55M per year. But teams can spend another 200K on Home Grown players which doesn't fall under the salary cap. I currently don't have any Home Grown players - and I'd like some extra breathing space under my salary cap. I was able to make one of my players a Marquee - meaning their entire salary is now exempt from the salary cap. This freed up 275K which is fantastic! But if I change 3 players over to Home Grown contracts, and keep their combined salaries to under 200K pa, does that mean that all their salaries will all be displayed as $0 cap impact?
  4. Hi There, I thought I'd post to let you know what happened, now that I've arrived at my AFC Champion's League. Went to start the match and a regenerated GK appeared, allowing me to select him for the team. I have come across these regen GK's in the past when I've had GK emergencies. The player is greyed out and my scout can't scout him. There is the option to sign him if I want, but all his GK attibutes are 5 or 6 out of 20! Incredibly unrealistic - but I'm glad that I've been saved by a ghost keeper.
  5. Okay - thanks for replying! As it stands, I don't have a Transfer Budget because I need to off-load players. At the start of the season my club was in debt and had a takeover. I was asked to do anything - I I could to sell players but to date I have never been able to sell anyone on Football Manager! So that's why I signed a DoF - to help me. There's no point keeping him just for signing players if I don't have a budget for him to sign from (not that he respects the budget anyway). Thankfully - I've just offered a mutual termination and he agreed - after only being at the club for 1 month!
  6. I decided to hire a director of football, to mainly assist me with off-loading unwanted players and to hopefully assist with contract negotiations. Immediately after giving him the power to extend contracts of players, he goes and makes a youth player professional. This is a big deal, because anyone with a professional contract must be registered in the A-League, whereas I can play as many Youth Players as I want. This kid still had a couple of years left to go on his Youth Contract. Now I've just seen a news article pop up saying that my Left Back is in contract talks. I only just extended his contract by a couple of years last season. I'm already spending over my wage budget, and I have $0 in Transfer Budget. Is the Director of Football that Brainless? On top of that he CANNOT find a home for my unwanted players. I need to get rid of them so I have a some money to spend in the transfer budget. In another few weeks the squad registration window expires, and players who aren't registered are forced to be released on a free! (This will really impress my board - they've blocked me from terminating any contracts due to there being no transfer budget. The board has also blocked me from requesting anymore transfer funds!) I've very quickly taken all contract negotiation tasks off my DoF; he can't be trusted. But if he also can't sell my unwanted players, then he's a waste of money - any tips on how to improve this unfolding crisis? Are DoF's a waste of money?
  7. I don't know if it's been suggested, but I would like to build a travel itinerary for away games (especially when travelling overseas). I'd like the option to arrive early, decide whether my team travel business class or economy, etc. I would definitely like some more freedom with player interaction. I especially want to be able to tell my players if I don't like their attitude. The team meeting "that was the reaction I was hoping for, but I respect those of you who don't agree with me" doesn't seem to apply to every situation. So some more options there would be good! Being approached by other teams for a friendly or a pre-season tournament would be tops as well! Also, how about updating the first post with a list of suggestions that have already been offered, so that noobs like myself don't suggest the same thing over and over again?
  8. I'm in the unfortunate situation where my 2 goalkeepers both have long-term injuries. Both of them were registered for ACL Champion's League. I didn't register my third goalkeeper because I was trying to sell him! I'm pretty sure the game didn't auto-save when my 2nd GK got injured, so I got the hell out of there. But this 2nd goalkeeper is on international duty! Is there any provision for an emergency goalkeeper replacement in the ACL? Hopefully my 2nd goalie comes back from international duty before my quarter-final clash...
  9. Hi guys, This may be a stupid question. But my plan was to start off with a local Australian club before moving overseas - ideally becoming the manager of RC Lens or a Tier III English Club. Korean or Chinese clubs are also a possibility or possibly a Tier 2/Tier 3 German club. However, when I created this save I only added Australian clubs to improve the speed an performance. I was under the impression that I'd be able to add other leagues later on. I've tried adding other leagues but still can't see any jobs going there. When I click on the Add Leagues button it is showing France, Germany and England as Pending Nations. The Game Status screen is still showing Australia as selected nation, but is showing Manageable Teams as all. What am I missing? If I can't jump from one job to another, I'm thinking about staying out my contract and then resigning at the end of it. Will that allow me to travel the world looking for other leagues to sink my teeth into?
  10. Thanks to everyone who's replied. I have decided to curb back on the one on one's. I did try a team meeting to suggest to my team that they are going ok but could improve. And it was 90% negative reaction. But since around that time I have not lost a game and I'm sitting comfortably in 3rd and now only 4 points away from the top! Even getting clean sheets which has been unprecedented in my career. And now have a healthy goal difference. Once we strung together a few wins it got a lot easier to coach. I still warn them about not being complacent. I've signed signed very decent players to the point where I don't actually have back-up players. Everyone is good enough to be in my starting 11! I think the increased competition for spots and the run of results (about to beat a team record) seems to have got the best out of my players. The only problem now is that I'm getting a lot of people complaining about training....
  11. Just an observation but would also like some feedback from managers who may have been in this situation. After lucking my way into my first title in my debut season last year in the A-League (I was 9th - second last - on the last day of the season. I won my final game and everyone ahead of me lost theirs, so I scraped into the play-offs and then just scraped through each match of the play-offs to win the title!)... I now want a much better showing from my lads for my second season. Last year my board set me a target to "be competitive" now they want me to finish top 6. So far a few games into the season I am 6th but the performances - especially from some of my senior players have been sub-standard. The squad morale is "okay." I signed Alex Wilkinson to add some experience to my back line. I also appointed him as my new captain. One game he made several mistakes and had a match rating of 6.3. So pulled him aside and asked him to improve. His response was "have you been to the opticians lately?" I decided to drop him for the next few games and make him prove himself with the youths. A couple of matches later, my star winger Fabio Ferreira also had a shocking game. I told him he played poorly and again he asked "have you been to the opticians?" So I fined him a week's wages and also dropped him to the youths. It seems a lot of my senior players are not responding well to my one-on-one chats. My left-winger got injured badly - I told him he would be missed. He told me not to condescend him. So should how can I get my players out of this rebellious phase and be more disciplined? Can I continue to rule them with an iron fist and hope they'll come around? I've also stormed out of a couple of press conferences lately. Every time I face the Newcastle Jets, I keep getting reminded about a "war of words" between us last time. I think I may have said something in the first match of the first season. That was like 10 encounters ago. I've since spent every press conference praising the Newcastle Jets manager and it looks like a love-fest, but the press seem to forget that the next time I face the Jets. I'm sick of it. Has anyone had this issue with the media? So now I just storm out of Newcastle Jets pre-match press conferences.
  12. I've just finished playing my first season of Football Manager... ever! I chose my favourite club, Central Coast Mariners - who have been pathetic this year IRL. (But now they've signed Luis Garcia, things are starting to look up). The bookies said I was expected to fight for the wooden spoon, and my board set me a target to "be competitive." It was a really tough season full of a few highs and many lows. The top 6 positions (to qualify for the play-offs) always seemed to be just out of reach! I went into the last game of the season in 2nd last place, but I was on 29 points and the 3 teams ahead of me were on 30 or 31 points. If I won my game and the 3 guys ahead of me lost theirs I'd qualify. This is how the season wrapped up: Then in the preliminary final I faced Sydney FC - was 1-0 down at half time, won 2-1. Semi final I faced Western Sydney Wanderers - again 1-0 down at half time, won 2-1. (Had not beaten them before up until that point). Then the Grand Final was against Adelaide. I was 2-0 up after the first 10 minutes with like, a dozen shots. Then by 30mins Adelaide had 2 shots = 2 goals: 2-2. Then on the stroke of half time I scored: 3-2. For the 2nd half I set the team to Counter-Attack and then contain. For the final 10 minutes I was down to 10 men due to an injury and no substitutions remaining. Held on for 3-2 to win the Grand Final cap off the most unlikely A-League season of all time. All my play-off wins were away from home. This is what Australian Sports is all about. They love an underdog story and hence they love to have a minor premiership and a major premiership. The competition is set up so a team who's been crap all year can actually win the grand final. So yeah... Call it beginner's luck or whatever - but what an emotional, stressful experience!
  13. Hi There, I bought the full game last night and am playing with Central Coast Mariners. This is my first time playing and I'm still learning the game. I'm tipped to finish last - but I won the first league game of the season! I'm pretty chuffed - I've hired some good back-room staff to have the best in the league! My assistant coach whom I snapped up from Holland is only earning a pittance compared to every other staff member - but he's so much more helpful than the guy I started with who was earning nearly twice as much! I keep trying to offer him more money but he refuses to enter into new contract negotiations... So I just have to watch him starve on a meager wage that would hardly cover the rent of a Central Coast apartment... :-\ I've even had a marquee player fall into my lap! A 4-star 18 year old on loan from our affiliated club - Everton! I also signed Luke Wilkshere on a free - and he scored the winning goal in my first league match. Anyway - now that I've got my excitement out of the way - that I just had to share - a few Youth Squad questions. I signed a few youth squad players, and offered them youth contracts. According to the HAL rules, I'm allowed to have as many Youth Players as I want. So I registered 23 senior players but kept my youths in the squad for more options. In the lead-up to the first game, I signed a new Youth Player on a Youth Contract, yet I was asked to re-register my squad. And to my dismay - I was forced to release some of the youth signings and pay $80K compensation for each. One of them was a 16-year old 3 and a half star Wunderkid who I came across in one of my pre-season games. However, I was able to just re-sign him again, and there are no issues. Has anyone come across this before - is it a bug or did I do something wrong? Also, I want to try and edit the Youth Squad tactics and set their starting line-up for the next match. I think that the Youth Coach is making some wrong decisions in who he chooses to play. However I can't edit the formation of the tactic - it seems to be copying the same one I'm using in the main squad - is there a way to edit this?
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