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  1. Thanks Eck, I think I've found it. Hopefully once my crash issue is resolved I'll be able to use it. =D
  2. I noticed this too, while continuing a save file after updating. In this file I've actually won four straight Cups and made two other deep runs, but every deal I make sends the board and the fans into paroxysms - and I'm not even playing as the Habs. If not for my track record I may have already gotten the sack, despite clearing cap space by sending off expensive vets (and clearing room for ready prospects), and despite having something like 8 picks in the first three rounds as a result. The Board and the Fans used to have more realistic reactions to deals. Once in a while they'd even say
  3. Neither did I! In fact, I'm not sure how it happened. Before my game started crashing every time I blinked, I never saw any option to do this on any roster or scouting screen. What am I missing?
  4. PS... uploaded a save from before the issues - it's called "let's hope underway 2" for very dumb reasons. I can upload a save from after the crashes began if necessary.
  5. The new beta seemed to be working quite well, until I started getting a runtime error nearly every time I tried to advance a day. They don't happen when moving from morning to evening, or when simming games - just when moving to a new day. It will take several tries to get the game to actually move forward, only for it to crash again when moving ahead again. The game save started with the 2017-18 season, and is now stalled out in January 2026. My pc won't give any more details other than that the game "requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way." This is on Windows 10.
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