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  1. And BOOM! It's working! Michael, I can't thank you enough mate! I'm almost jumping and dancing around the living room here
  2. Thanks for the reply, I thought you may be on to something then with the permissions thing but it's still not working I'm afraid. I have gave full control to the sports interactive folder and took ownership, it did it's little thing where it scanned all the files and it all looked good. The game looks setup correctly, was already pointed in right directory and it has skin cache off. I think you're definitely on the right path though, I do think it is OS related.
  3. I have been installing graphics in FM for as long as I can remember and have never had any issues, now I'm having some bizarre problem with any graphic I install it replaces the generic logos, kits and grey faces with a complete blank, basically the generic logos, kits and faces disappear and are replaced with a blank. This happened recently after I flattened my pc and reinstalled my OS, it has never worked since. My setup is not what you would call the standard setup, my OS is on C:\, steam and Football Manager is on D:\ and my documents folder with the Sports Interactive folder is on F:\. I have it pointed to the right location within FM, I even just bought FM2014 to see if it was a problem with my FM2013 install but it's still the same. I'm not sure if it something to do with the reinstall of my OS process as I just wiped my C:\ partition and once I reinstalled I just linked my docs up to my old one on F:\ Any help would be appreciated thanks!
  4. Only just got the game and just finished pre season, 1st game of the season Newcastle at St James Park, what a game!!! 28 minutes in and Reina picks the ball up outside the box and gets a straight red card!! never seen anything like it and have never had a back up GK on subs bench in my whole life of playing FM! In steps Jordan Henderson to finish his Liverpool debut playing 60 odd minutes in goal!!! Newcastle are pressing and getting chances right left and centre but all flying wide of the post. 45 minutes in new signing Douglas Costa volleys a 25 yard shot right into top left of the net!!! Newcastle still pressing and creating chances. 91 minutes in and only 2 minutes left of extra time we get a corner, but who is that taking my corners?? Jordan Henderson has left his goal line to take the corner leaving me shouting at my screen WTF you doing!!!!! Luckily Agger heads it wide and gives Hendo enough time to run full legnth of field to get back in goal. FT 1-0!!!
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