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  1. It might be worth getting in touch with Sega support by dropping a support ticket there: https://support.sega.com/hc/en-gb/requests/new
  2. To be fair, it was staff members who wouldn't have been involved in the higher management discussions over the continuation of Touch on PC/Android/iPad that made those comments, so they were made in good faith to the best of their knowledge.
  3. Zealand might have had an older build than the FM stream did, as I didn't spot that net issue on the livestream.
  4. I'm fairly certain, as with Brazil and a number of other countries, FM is region locked from Cambodia due to licensing reasons.
  5. That's not strictly correct - you don't need an Xbox to play on iPad. As per the first post:
  6. Because Sheffield United are one of the first teams Brits think of when it comes to wide over/underlapping centre backs.
  7. You seem to be taking this very personally, when it appears to have been a matter of "It takes £x to make FM Touch for PC/Andoid/iPad, and we are only getting back £y. We can't afford to continue spending the money/staff/workhours on this, and it'd be better to redirect those resources elsewhere". You can't expect a developer to continue producing a product if there isn't the consumer base for it. I'm not saying it's good or right, but it's capitalism, and until that changes, SI is gonna have to make decisions that work best for the company. It's exactly the same reason why they ceased compatibility of the main game with Linux - there just weren't the number of people running it on Linux to justify the cost of ensuring compatibility.
  8. That's separate from the 2D view, however. Previously, the players were restricted to only movement within their dot, which restricted what they were able to do on the pitch. Now that is no longer the case, it'll allow for better movement, dribbling, etc, by players, and so will make the ME better for those using the 2D view too.
  9. SI will have data on the number of sales, amount of play time, etc, on Android and Apple tablets. It's just not data that's made as public as the number of people playing a game on Steam, which is the only info we have, and SI haven't publicly provided all the figures on sales on all stores, number of players, etc, and if they're like the vast majority of other developers, that information won't be made public.
  10. Given Stadia is basically a dead system at this point (even Google have stopped making games for it), I doubt we'll see it return. Using the Microsoft xCloud gaming (https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-game-pass/cloud-gaming) will likely be the only streaming option available.
  11. You seem to be missing a completely updated animation engine that finally splits the player's movements from the 2D limitations they were under previously, meaning a much wider variety of player movement and actions, which, if you've looked into the ME, would have a massive impact on how the game plays.
  12. Remember that it's not just licensing leagues, it's having the scouting/research infrastructure in place to fully research and provide data on the various players and teams in the league.
  13. As long as there aren't rules in a league on B teams being in the league directly below the first team (like in Germany), then yes, they can, just like in Germany the B teams can get promoted out of the Regionalliga, which isn't playable, into the 3. Liga.
  14. Just FYI - none of the FM22 trailers, details on Steam, etc, at any point said that buying the full game would get you Touch 22 for free, from what I've seen. This is unlike previous years where it was explicitly stated you would get it. That's hardly "pulling the wool" over anyone's eyes.
  15. Nope, because it uses ChromeOS, which, per the system requirements for FM22, isn't supported. Only Windows and macOS are supported.
  16. That's very unlikely to happen, given Chrome OS is designed with apps and low-processor intensive work in mind. That's basically the opposite of FM. The best you're looking at is running FM Mobile on it.
  17. Given how few people played it on Linux, I doubt it. It just wouldn't be worth the development costs.
  18. Similar to this, my long-term FM22 save will be with an edited database set up to have Monster Energy develop their own group of teams to take on Red Bull at their own game. The first club? SC Preußen Mönster
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