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  1. Oberlin Highlight Ghost Goal.mp4
  2. Has just happened to me so thought I'd add some video evidence. managing Basel and just beat Young Boys 3-1 to win the league, though we only scored twice in the match. Edon Zhegrova was given a goal in the 64th minute - when you view the highlight it was a shot by Oberlin that went out for a corner. Then when on the news and viewing the highlights, it skips past the Zhegrova ghost goal and shows a goal by Oberlin in the 79th minute - which didn't actually happen in the game. The highlights package basically invented the goal. The final clip is of Simunovic scoring from a long throw in the 79th minute - which was the goal that was actually scored in game. Zhegrova Ghost Goal.mp4
  3. Never mind - realised clicking the score at the top makes it go away, dunno why I didn't try that!
  4. Hi, A couple of days ago the left hand overlay in the match engine (match stats and notable events) became stuck on my screen during games. Previously where it would retract when a highlight started, now it just stays on. It does fade when the play goes underneath it, but it still obscures it quite a bit. It's the same on all camera angles and I've rebooted the game and my PC a good few times since and it happens every game now. Any ideas on how to fix it? Any help is much appreciated!
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