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  1. HiAfter updating my windows, graphics stop to work somehow. I don't know why.Cache is unticked on preferences.Graphics are on folder My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019.What should I do?!Please help.Thank you.
  2. Every screen is very low.. cannot play like that. Please help. DxDiag.txt
  3. I don't think license is an issue as long they have several default leagues already i n the game... i'm not sure, but i think a FIFpro license is enough. About money... i think it would be a good investment to hire people, researchers and make the game even more impressive. It' worth it. Money should not be a problem for one of the best seller game in the world. Hope some day they realise it.
  4. Hello Guys There is something I ask myself every year and cannot find answers. Why dont SI make all leagues, competitions on the game? They are best seller every year earning millions on selling FM. They have the money, the infrastructure, people, time, sources... but still we depend on guys like claasen, uncle sam or do it by ourselves, wasting days, weeks, months to have a more realistic game. Every year the same, because SI cannot do Egypt league, Cyprus or New Caledonia for example. It's not about money. It' about us who are loyal to the game for decades. We love the game and we deserve it. It's not that much. Love u guys.
  5. try my last file then the countries that gave u an error, open the files on editor... go to advanced rules, then "required teams" and delete the information there... probably it will work
  6. Guys.. I am not an expert of advanced editor like claassee... Ive just edited the numer of teams, rel/prom teams, verified them on editor and correct the erros editor gave me. For Australia, I did NPL by myself, because i could not fix the error on advanced made by claasseen.... So I did it on basic editor rules. Feel free to help me and try to edit them too, while claasseen find motivation to fix it, so we can play as much perfect as possible. The game looks fine for me and now I am playing and enjoying it. It took me 2 weeks of work and now its up to you to you to fix the errors u encountered. I did my best!! Thank u guys!
  7. Really dont know what happened. For me it worked. Open the file on editor and removed the numbers on "required teams". Might work
  8. At least for me all leagues are working... afhgan, peru, norway.... maybe you did something wrong or using others database.
  9. Guys... jus tried to help before claassen does their update when he got motivation..... it is working for me, but you can modify and try to fix the errors u found.
  10. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ltq2xv454diqr89/updated.rar Sorry... it was on editor data directory and i forgot to remove. Guys... I did my best efforts.. but if you want to wait to claassee.. the guy is professional. The new link is above without susie's files.
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