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  1. Hi, There is a bug with my just 1 player. Now I'm applying for work permit but nothing happens. After 1 day, no reject or accept message coming. I can apply again after 1 day but still nothing happens. It's like vicious circle. So I must sell him or never get a work permit. Do you planning any fix for this problem?
  2. Evet öyle galiba şu anda da Motivasyon: 1 oldu ama 137 CA, 155 PA'da 71 yaşında. Bu kadar az CA-PA farkında 20'den 1'e düşmesi garip geldi
  3. Fatih Terim'in hücum özelliğinin düşüklüğü bir nebze göz ardı edilebilir fakat Motivasyon: 2 gerçekten mantıklı mı sizce?
  4. Thank you for answer. I'm favourite staff now but after 6 seasons it makes no sense. It's FC United eventually and I promoted them to Championship
  5. Don't you think it's kinda weird? I'm managing FC United and now challenging for Premier League at Championship. I have 100 points and looking as favourite personnel and not as permanent on there! For example look at Moses Abioye, he has 25 points and his looking as icon and permanent on there. Also Steve Torpey, 70 points, icon and permanent. Please don't say it's about the duration. Moses played 3 years for club and it's my 6th season. Same thing every game of series, you need to fix this legends, icons and favourite personnels feature.
  6. As far as I know, they are against to homophobia
  7. Is that special to FC United or can we see that at Lazio stadium too? First time I've seen that.
  8. I know this is discussed but I couldn't find a correct answer. Do you guys have any idea about the discipline attribute of managers? How do you improve that? Fine players for booking okay but any other way?
  9. More country means larger database. Larger database means more players. So yeah.
  10. That's why I'm using in game editor to make stronger my league rivals. FM 19 is a great game but hope they make smarter AI for next release.
  11. After a season, 1 more 190+ pa newgen added and other ones increased their CA quite well.
  12. I'm playing with 145k players with large db. I'm sure there will be lot of them. I know with genie scout I can find best of them. But without addon, club scouts with high ability will be enough too at least for top quality youngsters.
  13. Hi, I know all FM games are like that but don't you think it's unrealistic? If you look at the attached pic, it's just my second season and already 5 players with 190+ pa and only Mbappe from real life. Of course there will be 15 years old wonderkids but every year new Messis and Ronaldos? And without challenges, you can buy all of them
  14. No, it's not a bug because Burton have St. George training centre. That's why they always have state of art facilities in FM games. State of art means best btw.
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