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  1. Oh don't get me started. I know myself well enough not to get drawn into a putting out small fires and ending up rebuilding the whole damn system. Its far easier to criticise than to solve problems. I'd much rather heckle from the stands. Id like to see a football supporter simulator, where you just go and shout abuse at under-performing players/managers/executives, chant some battle cries with strangers, pretend you belong somewhere, buy a hot-dog for a fiver, and queue in traffic for 2 hours to get home. Much more satisfying and stress relieving. Id pay for that. Oh wait, that's my season ticket. Development model, right. Well for one thing get rid of absolute regression on negative experience, even if you can make AI managers better. Personality is far more influential. Unambitious players lacking determination and bad experiences? - sure make em regress. Perfectionists will thrive on bad experiences, its essential to their philosophy. But is this a developmental psychology simulator? Because that is complex, unknown territory. Much more complex than formations and tactics.
  2. Well I can only state how I apply my understanding of concepts and how things work in real life to the game, and how i play it. If im wrong, or if the game has a different model, that's up to the reader to decide. There's no detailed manual, so guesswork on behalf of us players is a given. We can and are expected to only use our imagination. I have seen plenty of responses in other threads that I feel are wrong (both in real life and in the game). Questioning the reliability of the source of information is a lesson that applies throughout a readers life, not just when reading responses to thread on football management games. Im not going to put a disclaimer under all of my posts *my opinion only, listen to me at your peril. Apologies if i have mislead anyone. If negative performances causes regression, it kind of compounds the problem with AI managers playing jaded and exhausted loanees into the ground forcing them to put in bad performances and regress. Not exactly what you'd have expected and hoped for, and you are watching it happen completely helplessly. Great.
  3. Well then that is a worrying model for development, because in life you learn by making mistakes. You have to get beat by better players to get better yourself. Unless you're born with godlike current ability, and can learn everything on the training pitch or from a book. putting in 10/10 performances against a team of school kids is not gonna help you develop. putting in 1/10 performance for your school against FC Barcelona will help you much more. level of opponent should be > performance. I would go as far as to say performance is completely unimportant. Its how you analyse and respond to a bad performance that will aid your development. What is important is experience - good or bad. google "bad is stronger than good" for numerous scientific studies into negative vs positive learning. when you learn to walk as a baby, you learning by figuring out falling over hurts and the actions that make you fall over you should stop doing. The positive reward for actually walking to where you want to get to, comes AFTER you have fallen over a lot. But don't listen to me because i have no idea how the game works.
  4. I've found they do play them bit a more when they agree. I helped relegate Sunderland when i asked them to play my youngster more in the final weeks of last season. They did, and they got relegated rofl. AC Milan manager Siniša Mihajlović wasn't interested in my demands to play my loanee more. It might be to do with the size of the club, pressure on the manager and the personality of the manager. I tend to forget about interaction for months and then just encourage the ones doing well, as the interactions are limited and don't offer a response for encouragement if they've been left out or played badly. Neither do i check up on if its had any affect. As long as they are getting minutes for development I'm not too bothered about their performances.
  5. Rage quit, take the missus upstairs for 15 minutes then get back on it! Roar.
  6. fair enuff, cant argue with a striker wanting more goals and building his legacy.
  7. Forget board confidence. The real measure of success is: How MANY sons do you have, and how many different nationalities are they.
  8. @mrw072 Are you mistaking your "disappointment" for simply "not totally ecstatic". There's a huge difference. Will you be leaving the stadium actually in a disappointed mood? Will you wake up tomorrow still disappointed? Ill be so bold to say no! You'd be buzzing still. Willing him on for the hat trick is one thing. To work yourself up to disappointment if he missed out, is something else.
  9. I accept, this is all mountains out of mole hills really. The point is, it can be often inappropriate to bring up trivial negatives. If you cant compute an algorithm to decide when or when not to display a negative, err on the side of caution, and don't display it - for the sake of not breaking the illusion of realism.
  10. Yes a person/child/bot called "sav" in the articale above was bothered by Rashford missing out on the penalty hat trick. Whether he/she/it meant it as a tongue in cheek comment i dont know. The sentiment, or at least the potential for the sentiment does exist. My confidence rating? I dont know it was a few games ago. Suffice to say I was probably around 60-70% confidence, higher than Van Gaal's is right now anyway (considering i won the League last season it should be). But i don't see many people (apart from our dear friend "sav") jumping on his back for not ordering Rashford take the penalty for his hat-trick, to appease the fans.
  11. So this worked. Thanks for the advice. Reducing the resting, or increasing the amount of training seemed to allow sharpness to be maintained better, at least when sharpness is at 100% Strangely, I had players complaining about a training work load being too high, but that was not sufficient to maintain sharpness at 100%, and at the same time too high and contributing to jaded players. Right now i have a choice of A) more training at low condition risking injury, increase in accumulation of jadedness, slightly lower condition levels, but 100% sharpness. (particularly for players who just played a game) B) more rest, less injury risk, lower jaded, higher condition levels, but lower sharpness. And more players at unfit levels of match sharpness - particularly rotation players
  12. I don't disagree that its a real thing that exists. I feel its over played in the game. Man Utd have the largest fan base in the world (dont quote me). That means they are also have the most idiots following them, just by probability alone. That means there is more likely going to be a reaction of this sort when that happens to them. Also not taking a penalty is different from being subbed. Being subbed can be form many reasons, such as condition, or suspension worries. Not taking a penalty.... i cant think of any. Did Rashford WANT to take it? Who decided he wasnt to take it - Van Gaal? Did the other players not offer it to him to take? Were they allowed to let him take it? Does Van Gaal control it all? All i know is Mata missed the first penalty, and Herrera scored the second penalty. Which leads me to believe the players can decide who to take it. ARTICLE HERE Here a chap called sav makes a comment "they should have let him get the hat trick". Probably just another random comment from maybe my 8 year old cousin in Singapore. The journalist doesn't bother with mentioning a missed hat trick. This almost supports my claim that players don't really care.
  13. There should be no formation that "doesn't work" or is has an advantage to any other tactic. Bar the ridiculous setups like 1-1-8 Formation alone is not enough determine the strength of any tactic. 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, wide narrow, deep, long shouldn't matter. Anyone who arbitrarily claims 4-4-2 is weak against blah-blah-blah is plain wrong (in real life, maybe not in this game). 4-4-2 everyone behind the ball is just as defensive as 5-4-1 everyone behind the ball. Just your players have to do make slightly different decisions in different situations. Everything else being the same, formation match ups should only change the amount of risk attributed to conceding or scoring goals. A defensive match up will mean you are less likely to concede and less likely to score. An offensive setup means you're more like to score and more likely to succeed. Of course not everything is the same. So you could work on getting a squad that suits your philosophy, get familiar with a formation that suits your squad, and play instructions that play to your players' strengths. And a little bit of tinkering throughout the season. Only rarely should you consider changing your tactics to deliberately counter an opponent's strengths, because you're already at a disadvantage due to being unfamiliar with changing your style. Unless of course your style IS to always counter the opponent's style. Play to your strengths and roll the dice I say. In my opinion, 4-4-2 main characteristic is if your strikers don't help initiate and/or react to a team press, and instead conserve energy for the counter attack. This will either quickly tire your midfield if the opponent has a short passing game and you are pressing high, or force your team to drop deeper which might work in your favor if you play longer direct balls, but put more pressure on your defense and also concede possession for most of the game (not necessarily a bad thing if you are good at fast counter) Offensively if your two strikers don't get much support, or are not complementary or compatible or at least working together, then they can be isolated. But if this is happening, at least the midfield should be saving energy. And if you're playing fast counter and the strikers have been conserving energy then they will often find themselves with plenty of space to run at the defense, and target the less mobile ones. If your midfield are very fit and/or haven't been tired out by chasing the ball, then they can risk a bit of energy and break forwards too. Swings and roundabouts. For every weakness there is an equal and opposite strength somewhere.
  14. The whole interface for setting/saving/loading/managing your tactics/instructions/views is very inconsistent. A cynic would argue it was designed to deliberately confuse. When i first started playing, I played half a season with the wrong tactics because it wasn't set to how i thought i left it. That's not football. That's just a pain in the butt frustration. If you "manage" some instruction presets and delete some (not delete the saved instruction, only the managed instruction presets), but you dont change any "live" instructions, you cant actually click "ok". So you click "cancel" instead, thinking i dont want to make any live changes only managed changes. But you'd be wrong. It also cancels your deleted managed instructions, even though its looks more like a saved instruction which is permanent when you delete it (like a file on your computer) Also when you try to save a tactic or instruction, the default is to create a new file. If you dont untick it, you will end up with many tactics called exactly the same and you have no idea which one is which. If you DO untick, the file selection sneakily moves to the file at the top, allowing you to easily make the mistake of overwriting a completely different tactic that you gave a different name. If you're managing views, the default view is to overload you with all the built in in-game views that you cant change, and generally dont care about. Forcing you every time to filter out all the garbage If you're making early changes for the next game outside of the the match day preparations, then these are "live" changes and will be in effect for all subsequent games, until you load back in a preset or make further changes Sure its my mistake, but the inconsistent interface does nothing to help. Its very easy to setup your tactic/instruction to something you don't mean to use. Once you get familiar with how the game works, and where to be careful, you develop a method that reduces your mistakes.
  15. Here is Braga's schedule Here is my player's career stats Here is my player's form
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