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  1. It doesn't, but how can you be a perfect complete forward, but poor at two out of three of the poacher, target man and DLF roles? I bought a complete forward. He is great at being a complete forward, but he is far from the best player in my side. Rather than allowing the free role of complete forward and decide what to do in situations, I would rather give him a more limited role, as a target man say, and let my real star player AMC shadow striker bounce off him. Or give him a more limited role as a poacher, and let my real star AMC playmaker feed him the goals. But he is pretty b
  2. I disagree. Of course, if you just add an extra player as a DM you're less like to have a bad time. But you cant just play with 12 men. Your DM has to be moved from somewhere else. Where ever else that is you're more likely to have a bad time there. I was thinking on this but unfortunately, both my players have a central-side preference. I don't want them have have different roles and to switch sides. I want them to the have same "general" roles but make decisions on their specific roles in specific situations, without the game telling me that is bad for no real reason. Like I sa
  3. "A complete forward possesses all the technical attributes of a DLF, the goal scoring ability of a Poacher and the strength and power of a Target Man." Why is there not a single complete forward in the game who is actually suited to either DLF, Poacher or Target Man then?
  4. I disagree completely. There's no rule of thumb in football that says two players cant both be playmakers, just they obviously shouldn't both be playmakers AT THE SAME TIME. That's the whole POINT of partnerships... to read what the other guy is going do, and doing something that compliments it. This idea is not new. For example the "total football" ideology of Ajax in the 1970's required players change their roles according to where they are on the pitch. So instead of railroading one guy into the "playmaker" and the other guy into "the ball winner", the reality is players are much more
  5. So i just got my two central midfield pairing to develop a partnership. Ideally, I'd like both players to play both DLP and BWM roles, complimentary but identical roles as each other. This is not contradictory - they switch depending on what they need to do, or what the other is doing or needs to do. Bad news is the game is now telling me that roles assigned to both players are far from suitable and do not work well together. When I set both to DLP or both to BWM, their roles "do not work well together". When I set one to DLP and the other to BWM, their roles are now "well suit
  6. Cant remember exactly... think the release clause was £65m? or something? I paid full price. There's better players and cheaper deals for sure, but Haaland was hassle free and i knew what i was getting. Contract is 250k/w and a stonking goal bonus and a chunky loyalty bonus, but no appearance fee or other bonuses. I prefer clean contracts. But that's my striker sorted until I can afford and attract Mbappe.
  7. My best start to a game. Game time 13:46 but only 50% possession. 4-0 up. 10 shots, 8 on target, 5 corners and 3 free kicks. Assuming each goal takes up 1 min of celebration, each corner takes 30 seconds, 10s for each freekick, 1 min for the penalty and 2 mins for the VAR check, that's around 10 mins clock time gone This leaves around 3 mins of possession, or 90 seconds per team. That's one shot every 9 seconds!!!!
  8. That's fine... if I'm meant to check their stats, can I just remove the goddamn circles from my tactics screen because they are meaningless, its annoying to see half my players on "semi-yellow-circles" but I KNOW are very good in their roles. I never said he got worse. I said HE GOT BETTER. But the circles... you know the thing the game uses to provide information to the human user... is telling me HE IS LESS SUITABLE IN HIS ROLE. But that's NOT what is happening. Like I said: I bought a BWM with full-green-circle, DLP semi-yellow-circle. I pl
  9. Here's a crazy idea. How about.... Make the circles that are supposed to help you figure out if someone is suitable for a role ACTUALLY help you figure out if someone is suitable for a role????????????????????? Or here's another genius idea.... GET RID of the circles that are supposed to help you figure out if someone is suitable for a role, because they don't actually tell you if someone is suitable for a role at all. Or here's the best idea of all.... If we enjoy displaying incorrect, and misleading information just to clutter up the screen.... why not just randomis
  10. That's about the worst, most poorly worded, confusing, and almost outright misleading question have seen in a long career of reading illiterate, poorly worded, confusing and misleading questions. <sarcasm>Well done whoever wrote that question. </sarcasm>
  11. So can someone explain to me what kind of mechanics are going on when a player's role suitability for a role gets WORSE, as the player gets better? I bought a ball winning midfielder who was "full bright green circle" at ball winning midfielder support role. After a while of playing him in ball winning midfielder support role, and training him in the position/role/duty of a ball winning midfielder support he doubled in value, and got stronger, faster, more agile, more technical, better mentally, and even better ball-winning-midfielder-support-stats than before..... And now he is a "
  12. I'm convinced determination helps massively in development. I think its also one of those attributes that cant be increased through training or playing matches. Like you said, i think only through mentoring can you change a players determination. Possibly by social groups which you cant directly manipulate. Its pretty much the most important attribute if players want to fulfill their potential in my experience. What I don't know is if a low determination will prohibit future potential ceiling, or if it simply slows down the rate of growth. So if you have lower league players w
  13. When players are told to close down the opponent... 9 seconds into the game, nobody realised they would all close the same guy down. These guys are supposed to be pros.
  14. @Bielsa1975 you need to understand a VERY simple idea. A club and its director is not the same thing as the player and his agent. Once you figure it out, you'll understand.
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