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  1. Hi I'm in dire need of tactical help on fmt 17. I've really struggled with this years game and played it a lot less than the ones from recent years , but I refuse to give up ! I started a game unemployed and shortly was offered 3 contracts. I took a job offer from Kilmarnock (expected to finish bottom or bottom but one) in the spl. Was just wondering how my fellow fm players would go about setting up as a team widely expected to finish bottom. I've been mainly going with defensive or counter mentalities, depending on the fixture. I find myself propping up the table at the end of Nov after a se
  2. Just started playing again after a long break from football manager , having found this years game far too hard and pointless to play. Started a fm touch save with Kilmarnock in the Scottish premier league. (Started unemployed and they approached me) expected to avoid automatic relegation (basically don't finish bottom of the league). Won a couple of games early on , but now on a five game losing streak and it's getting pretty repetitive. Play a home match where we are underdogs - 2-0 down at least at half time guaranteed every time. 9 points from 10 games in the league. I feel that in recent
  3. I'm also having a lot of injuries, nothing seems to be wrong with my training settings
  4. It's okay , I've sussed it out. I clicked on a match plan to see what it does and wasn't aware that it causes automatic subs , 😅 Cheers for reply anyway
  5. Just started a new game on fm touch , and in one of my matches , when I was just about to make a substitution, the commentary bar showed that my team were making two substitutions that I didn't even make ! As it happens the player I was originally going to take off was one of the players going off so I wasn't that worried. But it's never happened to me before does anyone know why it might have happened? Thanks in advance
  6. Competitive senior games. Pretty sure but I might be wrong
  7. I try not to start any player with a condition less than about 89/90
  8. I know it winds me up as well I will get wallopped 3-0 with two goalkeeper errors and they will say about the brilliant performance from the goalkeeper and make no mention of the errors that cost us the game. Or pile loads of praise onto a striker that couldn't finish his dinner
  9. I skipped the first season and took charge of Stockport county (who have just been promoted to the national league) but with a decent budget , which I have made good use of. I'm only 6or 7 games into the season only 1 win very unconvincing 2-1 home win over Maidstone Utd. It's just really frustrating because I know how to play the game. Also another thing is we are part time so not training nowhere near as much as a lot of teams in the league - the board have refused to go full time. However the board are 'very pleased' with my management of the team and I've got a 100% full bar for philosophy
  10. Is it me or does anyone else think football manager 17 is the hardest fm ever ? It seems like if you are managing a team expected to be in a relegation battle, when you play against a team who are big favourites to beat you , no matter what you do, it is a matter of by how many goals they beat you , and the games you do win are home games against teams below you or teams who have already lost about 6 in a row and are in very bad form. Fm 15 was the best game I thought , you could take any team you wanted and achieve things as long as you are half decent at fm and you know what you're doi
  11. Just started a new save and none of my staff were any good so I terminated all their contracts, plus I didn't have a gk coach , or a fitness coach (which I always like to hire). In the process of hiring all the necessary staff members and the board keep blocking the transfers and saying the coaching team is too large. even though on the staff screen it says they believe the coaching team are understaffed and I should look to hire more coaches. In my coaching team I have manager hoyd 1 coach and I hired a new fitness coach. Not even an assistant manager th
  12. I've just started a save in the conference south and I can't seem to do anything right 4 games 3 defeats 1 draw ridiculous
  13. Agree would make the game more realistic , I would definitely do it
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