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  1. Thanks Orient and Herne. Good feedback. I can see what you are saying with the counter style, maybe i'm expecting too much from my team, as you say, not exactly world beaters............. yet You would think the 4 wide men would get in the way, but they dont. The left espically, as the IF tucks in, allows the CWB (a) to get alot of space, either producing a low cross for the poacher. or pass inside to the IF.
  2. I've stumbled upon on formation with 1860 Munchen which I believe has alot of potential: GK CB(D) LD(D) CB(D) WB(S) CWB(A) BWM(S) BBM(S)/ DLP (S) W(A) IF/AP(A/S) P(A) Flexible, Standard Team Instructions (Home): Retain posession, be more expressive, low crosses, prevent GK dist, (Away): Counter, close down more, higher tempo, prevent GK dist, low crosses. I swap between BBM/DLP & IF/AP depending on who's available. I dont tend to play with two playmakers in the side, and more often than not I use the IF, so my CWB can bomb up the wing. I'm getting alot of success playing away from home, and my defence is water tight only conceded 14 in 30. I think my style is suited to counter attacking football, but I dont like the idea of playing counter attacking when playing a lesser team at home. Can anyone see any errors in the tactics? Should I make use of the width in my team? Its working fairly well at the mo, but I get alot of 0-0, 1-0. Any suggestions of anything i've potentially missed or improvements? Thanks
  3. Topical given the time of year. Whats been your best January signing/s? Season changer/saver? Going into the xmas break with 1860 Munich, 15th and a point off relegation. Signed Leandro Rodrigues on loan from Everton who scored 20 in last 15 games of the season (won 10 of my last 12), which saw me end 4th and a point outside the playoffs. Gutted.
  4. US Avranches - French Div 3. Managed to get promoted in the first season, despite being predicted 14th. Built a good reliable squad in Ligue 2, come Christmas I was 8/9th in the league and loving life. Changed my season expectation from 'attempt to avoid relegation' to 'avoid relegation' to give me some more funds for wages. Had an absolute shocker from Jan onwards, won only about 3 games I think, got relegated on the last game of the season. Sacked. So my long term plan had gone a bit Pete Tong!
  5. Ah right, that makes more sense. This maybe a little harder than a thought ...... Thanks for the help
  6. Just started an ambitious save with Oosterzonen in the Belgian Third Div B. Was planning to take them into the top flight and regularly competeting in Europe. I chose them because they had the smallest ground (1000!). The rules and play off sitation seems crazy in this league! In a league of 19, 13 get relegated!?? Or at least in a relegation play off. Then the top 6 are invloved in a promotion play off?? Has anyone else been stupid/brave enough to trackle this league? And if so, what are the play-offs like? Also, I noticed there may be minimum stadium requirements for second div, so will i need to increase the gound if i got promoted?? ANy help would be appreciated
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