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  1. In my second season at Oxford City in the VNS. In the first season we entered the F.A. trophy in the second round, which I believe Is right due to COvID. Just started the second season and notice we enter in the 2nd round again. I would expect Tier 6 (ie VNS + N) to enter in the final qualifying round as they usually did pre COVID? FYI, I started this game in beta version. Thanks
  2. I’m on a save with Oxford City in the NLS. FYI, I started this save in the beta version of FM, so that maybe the issue? i have my assistant tasked to arrange friendlies for my 1st team. And subsequently my U23 and U18 managers do the same for their teams. First season was fine, I already had some games scheduled. however, I have just started the second season, and I’ve realised that no friendlies have been scheduled. This is true of all the league, with the exception of Maidenhead!? It was only 2 weeks before the season started so I put some in myself, but no other teams in my
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