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  1. Gavin thank you so much!! The FMT Dark with background is a great skin. Touch skins have been very hard to find this year so thank-you once again for your excellent work!
  2. Im looking for the base skins for FMTouch 2020 which have always been available in previous years. However, this year I can only seem to find base skins for the full game. Can anyone confirm if these are available and where I could find them? Many Thanks
  3. Still trying to find how to sort the green hue in the background pic above, also does anyone know which file(s) I need to edit to make the 2 boxes in the above pic more transparent, I know its going to be a 'paper' file but where and which one!? Thanks
  4. How can I make both team names show in CAPITAL letters? Many Thanks
  5. <record get_property="sect" test_mode="0" value="hilp" skip_if_null="false"/> <!-- hide on pitch view --> Ive followed your guide and removed the above code which has removed the 2d pitch from my match day screen on FMT 2019. My selected background now shows, however the only problem now is that it has a horrible green hue to the background picture which is not present on all other screens. Where and how can I remove the code that is causing the image to display with a green hue?
  6. Is there a SPLIT VIEW mod available? In previous versions of FM you could have just the Main Overview page (teams, kits, scorers etc.) and then opposite the match stats chart with a custom background. In FMT 2019, split view seems to insist on keeping the pitch there even when I play commentary only. Ive tried a 2018 mod but didnt seem to work.
  7. Im stuggling to get my background to show on FM Touch 2019 when playing a match. I play commentary only and following your guide last year (FMT18) managed to get rid of the 2d pitch and had my usual background picture displayed instead. However this year, whatever I try I just cannot seem to get the background image to appear whilst playing a match. Has anything changed, is it still possible to do? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Only ever play classic 2d. Commentary only with goal replays in 2d classic. (im old school been playing the game since old CM days) Thank you SI for still providing this platform as without it I wouldnt play the game anymore :-)
  9. Excellent, thank you Michael. The game looks so much better with your mods
  10. I must be doing something wrong? All I have in my panels folder is one config xml file?
  11. Sorry for my ignorance, but where do I find the sidebar menu table.xml !?? Ive looked everywhere!
  12. I have searched for the above code and cannot find it anywhere, exactly which folder/file should I find this in on FMTouch18? Im asking as my side menu bar is always the same dark grey colour.
  13. Ok, so have managed to make a little progress in FMT2018 (see below screenshot) How do I remove both teams player rating boxes and then just expand the middle box full screen!? Sorry to be a pain but I cant remember FMT2017 being this hard work!!!
  14. Just checked my fmt17 game, and below is how id like my fmt18 match screen. The new FMT18 match sceen looks awful :-(
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