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  1. I don’t think this is a bug per se, which is why I am posting here. at end of season and following successful campaign, board adjust transfer funds based on, for example Continental cup qualification, and review of vision. However, reputation of club doesn’t seem to adjust until the start of the following season (I understand why for processing etc). however, the transfer window will open some months before, and in my experience many players aren’t interested in signing / negotiating until the start of new season when the reputation has been improved and participation i
  2. Ok a bit of context for something that has really irritated me and I think needs looking into. I have signed young players with great potential on long term domestic loans. They each have excellent potential and ability has grown with the stature of club during promotion campaigns, such that I renew the loan the following year. Parent club appears reluctant to offer new contract To player out on loan (Is this a bug as the player is loaned out, even though they are classed as wonderkids at this stage and appears an oversight they wouldn’t want to renew for prospect players). Play
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