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  1. I want the game to stop before important competitions' match days and allow me to see the fixtures and then click continue and see the results. I have always enjoyed tracking CL, EL, WCF (tournament & European quals) and so on. Since 3 or 4 FM editions I cannot make FM show me those competitions... I must check the results manually instead. I am not interested in transfer rumors, injuries etc. The only reason I want to track the competition is to see the Polish clubs performance (as it impacts Country coefficient which will be important in couple of years when I will get promoted to Ekstraklasa and qualify to europan cups with my lower league team :-)) Any thoughts how can I achieve my goal?
  2. I understand that SI need to somehow make a little sensation while announcing the announcement of FM 09, but, c'mon why to depict changes in the game are you using communist mass-murderer?!?! I also know that in pop-culture he exist just like the "anarchy" sign - to be used by people who are too dumb to understand what it really means, but are nonetheless attracted by its (sign) popularity/connotations. But please respect people, who now sth more than media-crap about Che for example. Why wouldn't you use Josiph Stalin to describe player's total control of their clubs in the game, or sth like that? Che is an icon, but he is also exotic - even if he killed many people, and with his friend Fidel made life of another millions of them just like hell, it was soooo far away that noone would give a ****.
  3. nope, I have only Polish and Czech to choose from.
  4. Hi guys, as I am a proud owner of a non-english FM 08 version (with such purchase I believe I am increasing a the probability of seeing in future FM's lower leagues from my country I want to play the game in english. In previous FM's I just needed to delete or simply moves *.lnc files (if I recall correctly) with non-english languages installed in the game but in this FM the trick doesn't work. Is there any other solution?
  5. anger management

    Once, when I played PES I seriously damaged my gamepad after losing to Bosnia national team in WC qualification's crucial game (playing Poland, just after crushing Italy 3-0). Now, after some repair the gamepad is ok, but some buttons (not the important ones) are dead. What about FM? When the rival scores an equalizer in additional time, or some lame team dominates my eleven, I often smash my notebook's plasma in the side, but when my hand is on its way to the laptop I realize that i do want my notebook to be fit and slow down the momentum so the hit is in most cases only medium-strong and I declare myself as a strong supporter of the half/post match option "punch the player in the face" (or at least "accidentally kick some boot and let it land at certain player's face - kudos to sir Alex
  6. awesome mate! just hope that guys from SI will implement your suggestion while making next FM. great job!
  7. My GK just scored

    In fm 05 i suppouse i was coaching real madrid and their reserves aswell. In Castilla match in Segunda Division some danish youngster DC (johansson probably) played very badly, so in order to humilitate him i subbed him by a keeper and the keeper (Kasper Schmeichel) scored with a header from normal play - the fact is that keepers usually have good height and jumping, so 2 out of 4 things that makes good head-scorer (heading and maybe positioning attributes i would say play a big role aswell)