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  1. I've narrowed my list down to the following but now my indecision has kicked in 🤦‍♂️, so looking for some guidance from those in the know please 👍 The last one in the list is a pcspecialist.co.uk custom build coming in at £692. Thanks in advance for your help guys.
  2. Hi, had new laptop for xmas running windows 10. Was not aware of the whole hall_of_fame.dat file not transferring to new laptop thing until the last couple of days. Unfortunately I can find no answers to my issue anywhere on the www. 1. I only have 1 S.I folder in documents when previously there have always been 2. 2. Having done a search 1 have no hall_of_fame.dat file on my laptop even though I have won a number of trophies. Help somebody, anybody, please. ps. Thanks in advance
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