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  1. Update 1: Our first 4 games were against easier teams and as you can see below the results showed how superior we were/are. We have now our 1st "big" game against Barcelona, it is a friendly match but we're stil going to try and get a nice result! By the way if you guys want to see certain menus or stats just let me know and ill post it here, also if you have any ideas of who i should or shouldnt sign let me know aswell. Let's go play against Barcelona now As expected we lost the game, and it wasnt a soft loss it was a bit heavy. A 4-1 win to Barcelona, our defense kept getting out run lots of balls in the air to the back of the defense Coates and Mathieu are not fast runners so yea we kinda got plundered unfortunately. The statistics arent that bad but they defended better than we did, we managed to score from a penalty. Something we havent talked about yet is transfers, we did go to the market and bought a couple young players thinking about the future, the only transfers that were made by me are marked inside a red box. We ended up selling Bruno Fernandes even though he was the best player at the club at the moment but we needed money and eventually he would probably want to leave anyways so yea, im pretty sure i could've negociated better and gotten a more chunky transfer but its all good!
  2. Hi, My name is Ruben, im a portuguese 19 year old FM Player and the team i love the most and give all my support to is Sporting CP ( Not Sporting Lisbon as many people say ) . If you're updated to the world of football you know that Sporting CP has had a very bumpy ride in the last 20 years, but a even more bumpy ride in the last 2-3 years since all those fans attacked the players and Bruno de Carvalho decided to go full on crazy mode. Basically i'm here to implement the type of football that i like to see being played on the pitch and try to work it out as the season unrolls, i'll also appreciate your thoughts and opinions about the tactics being used, players choice, etc... Basically i'll appreciate everything you guys say in the comments secction as long as you keep being respectful. These are the going to be the leagues that'll be on the database. For now this is going to be tactic we're going to be experimenting with, and those are the 1st eleven, the "main" team in the squad, obviously things will probably change in this preseason.
  3. I can show you the statistics if you want, thats why i said the same or worse cause before i was dominating the game without being able to score, now i guess i am scoring and thats a good thing but the games are much more even... Even against " real " that is a team from the 3rd division and i should be much stronger then them. I was better than them still tho.
  4. @Experienced Defender tbh the tactic i use mostly is a 4141 but cause of my best player playing on a AMC position i tried to keep it that way, even though he's pretty much the same as an MC... im gonna try to play with the formation u and roles u said and see if it plays out better. Ty !
  5. thats the issue here, i dont put too much time into seeing if something is working how it should... i see the key moments and if the team plays out the way i want them to i keep it that way if not i change things up. the only issue i found with the 1st tatic i started was i couldnt score my players would get face to face with the keeper and shoot like they're passing the ball to them, i got better coaches cause i thought that would help it maybe but it didnt tbh sooo yea i got stuck. i've made a couple of changes and things are going pretty much the same or worse as you can see here. ( after the red line are the results after the changes )
  6. yea that makes sense, ill play a few games like this and then if it doesnt work the way i want it to ill swap it around
  7. based off of what you said i made some changes and this is what i have now: left back set to support with a hold position and sit narrower PI. even tho this particular player has traits that lead him to do the opposite ill see if he works like that and play around with some other players if he doesnt behave properly. Btw ty for your opinion and help.
  8. This is pretty much how i like to play, thats why i have short fast passes and work into box.
  9. hmm yea now that you're talking about some stuff i see what you mean... the football i always want to play and always enjoyed watching is high pressure to get the ball on my possession as fast as possible, short and fast passes, one to two touches on the ball so essencially tiki taka. i have the pass into space instruction more cause of the counter attack situations tbh... EDIT: i've made a couple of changes ill see how it'll play out and post the results here.
  10. Hi, i just started a new save with the team i support ( Sporting CP ) and statistic wise im doing really well but i cant seem to score enough, and my defence is really sloppy... i havent really messed too much with the positions and roles tbh. This is my tactic: Results:
  11. Do you want to play a possession based football? if so, yes you should care about that. Now if you're trying to play fast you're not gonna have as many possession as you would if you were playing with a lower tempo for example. You still havent told us what type of football you want to play, what do you want to see from your players on the pitch? tell us and we can help you achieve it
  12. 3rd season is aproaching and its time to check on our former youngsters. Now im going to introduce the regens we had that i believe are worth showing. The 1st one is a very good defensive centre back, we play with ball playing defenders but i think we can sell this dude for a good amount of money 4/5 years max. The second one needs some work but he's playing like a monster for the under 19's at the moment. 35 games, 22 goals, 24 assists... Smells like money to me. The third one is also really good! This fourth one is also really good, in 3/4 years these dudes will become gods.
  13. Second season started and we had a Cup game which we won 5-4... i don't even know what to say about this game xD. 3 games counting towards the league and once again we started very well These were our summer transfers, i'd say we did pretty good with the market this second season. Once again Transfers IN ( left ) Transfers OUT ( right ). Transfer window CLOSED! A big jump to January now. We completely murdered Porto ( image 1 ), we did the same thing to Napoli ( image 2 ), Napoli away was a bit more rough but we still won ( image 3 ), and then we lost 2-1 against rio ave :/ ( image 4 ). After that we won 3 games in a row and drew 1-1 Against PSV Eindhoven ( image 1), and we lost 4-3 against Benfica ( image 2 ), January is here and so is the transfer window but we wont be buying any players. Now a HUGE jump to the end of the season with only a resume of the big important games. First we have a game against Porto for the Taça da Liga semi-finals where we won 3-0 (img 1) right after that we have the Final of the Taça da Liga which we won 2-1 against Portimonense (img 2) Champions League is back and we're playing against PSG away from home. We won 4-3 ( img 1 ) and at home we managed to draw 0-0 (img 2 ) Right after that we won 3-0 against Porto away from home (img 1), and we played 2 games against Inter for the Champions League. We won the 1st game at home 3-0 ( img 2 ), and lost 1-0 away from home ( img 3 ) We're trough to the semi finals of the Champions League ! The dream gets more real every game. We played 1 game against benfica and that was a game we needed to win cause we were 4 games away from the end of the season and we were only 2 points ahed of Benfica. Gladly we won that game 3-0 once again completely destroying Benfica. Champions League Semi-final ! We're against Atletico Madrid, the same team that got us out of the champions league in the 1st season now eliminating us in the semi-finals... We won the Liga NOS once again, along with the Supertaça Candido Oliveira and the Taça da Liga.
  14. Image 4 and 5 here! We got knocked out of the Champions League by Atletico Madrid in the 1st knockout Round :c This finishes our season. We won only 1 trophie which was the Liga NOS. We were able to win the Portuguese League in the 1st season with a huge point lead.
  15. Hi, this save will be with Sporting Clube de Portugal. A team that i love and support since i was born ( year 2000 ) and the last time they were national champions was in 2001/2002, they used to be up there winning titles and they just fell off so much in the last 16 years. Many of you probably heard that not too long ago the players got attacked by " supporters " inside the facilities where they were training and after that many of the players ended their contract with the club because they didn't feel safe anymore and it made the team hit rock bottom so i decided to take over the club and put it back where it belongs. I apologize in advanced if i make some mistakes i'm Portuguese so English isn't my 1st language and i never really payed much attention to it in school everything i know i pretty much thought myself. Alright, 1st thing i did was check the staff and let me tell you guys... It's not looking good. I hired a bunch of staff members and proceeded to check my team. This is our team at the moment. There are players here that are going to be sold cause i simply don't feel like they should be in our team. Our current hot prospects are these boys right here. There are a few more players who have 4.5/5 stars PA but these are the ones that im gonna be focusing more. Every 2 seasons im going to update these pictures so we can see what has changed. These are going to be our tactics. The one on the left will be the one we'll use the most, we'll only use the one on the right in away games against big teams of the Champions League. 1st official games of the season are against Dynamo Kyiv. 1st leg away we lost 3-1, not the start we wanted but we managed to turn it around with a 5-0 win at home. Five games go by and so far so good, we've been getting the results every manager loves to see. As you can see we qualified for the champions league group stage and we got a rather hard group for us at the moment. We bought 3 players for the total of 62M € and we sold 4 players for the total of 27,5M € ( by the way i did not use the editor to put money on the team i simply bought them with three 12 month instalments ) We now need to win titles or we either sell the players back or we'll struggle with our finances On the left are the players we bought, on the right the players we sold/loaned. Transfer window is now CLOSED! Our 1st hard game of the season counting towards the league is here and its against Porto away from home. As you can see 4 mins into the game and Lumor ( left wing back ) got sent off but we managed to hold Porto to a draw and i can call that a win. Now we're going to take a big jump in the calendar but i'm still going to put the big games here with screenshots We lost away against Manchester City after a long run of wins and fell a little bit cause of that and got 2 draws after that game. Thank god we picked up right after that. There's also that Portimonense game that we won 4-1, it's not impressive or anything i just decided to share it cause of the way the goals were scored. We won 2-0 at home against City and managed to qualify for the 1st knockout round of the Champions League. ( City and Portimonense below ) Another big jump and this time with 5 important games. We absolutely destroyed Benfica ( image 1 ). Then we lost 1-0 against Porto in a really close game ( image 2 ) After that we destroyed and won 2-0 against Porto ( image 3 ) and we lost 2-1 and 1-0 against Atletico Madrid ( image 4 & 5 )
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