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  1. Could really use these edited files (transparent) and the 125% zoom layout graphics , as a complete novice regarding skinning , I have tried and failed to edit the files myself. If its not too much bother that is . Thanks .
  3. Ok thanks mate
  4. Is it possible to make the match inbetween highlights panel smaller ?
  5. Will this tactic work in the full game or is it touch only ?
  6. Links to the screenshots don`t work as they should
  7. Is the Base tactic the one linked in the first post ?
  8. Hi Fenech , could you post a picture of who plays where from your United save please ? apologies if you already have done . Im gonna start a fresh save after having no luck with my own tactics , cheers
  9. Thanks Cleon. Could you tell me, when playing a match do you watch it on full game? If not which setting?
  10. I think you are onto something here mate . Here is a screenie of my results since i started using your tactics. From the cska moscow game onwards , 17 goals for 1 against . The Napoli defeat was a nothing game that I had qualified already and threw my reserves in. Good job mate !
  11. Well I am going to change to these tactics in a bid to save my season and probably my job with United. Will post update in due course.