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  1. This is very frustrating. I've done one season with Arsenal and half a season with Man Utd. I constantly am dominating games with 60% possession, and quite a lot of shots - but am still loosing and drawing huge numbers of games. Here are 5 of my last 6 results (my shots, on target shots in bold) with Man Utd. As you can see I've had a total of 108 shots, with only 36 on target and 3 goals scored. 2(2) - 22(2) - 1-0 7(2) - 23(11) - 1-1 28(15) - 3(2) - 1-1 6(3) - 14(1)- 0-0 7(3) - 21(7) - 0-1 Obviously in real life, these sorts of fixtures happen from time to time - but this is a bloody joke. How can elite players miss 20 shots out of 22 in a game? All games I use the 'work ball into box' tactic so these are not all long shots. Thoughts?
  2. So as of about a week ago, FM16 won't launch correctly. Once the game opens there is just a black screen and a 'loading symbol'' for the mouse cursor. This stays indefinitely. If you do control, alt delete then go task manager then back to the game it finishes loading but this is obviously not ideal. I'm on Windows 10 and I have tried removing the game and all files, the cache/preferences files and validated the files via steam. Everything on the laptop is up to date and as far as I'm aware nothing major has changed my end since FM last worked. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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