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  1. Well I'm the end I went with a lenovo u31. Small, light, fast boot up and plays fm like a dream
  2. Sorry. Not yours, an hp I mentioned a few days back. Might get the Dell tbh
  3. Sorry by this I mean the hp I mentioned a few days ago
  4. I had a look at this today and wasn't impressed with the build quality. It's definitely not on my list now. Might go for the Dell that's being mentioned in this thread a lot or a lenovo yoga 500 with a 6th gen i5 and nvidia 920 gpu which is lighter and smaller
  5. Hi Looking at a new laptop to play fm and do some other things. Saw this on pc world HP pavilion 15-ak085na Intel i7-6700hq Believe it has the HD graphics 530 gpu chip and it has 8gb ram Will it run fm 2016 in 3d or will it need to be 2d only? Many thanks
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