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  1. The other option is to take control of the friendly matches and speed through them at fastest speed on commentary only. Again, not great.
  2. It's been happening since FM2010 at least. There's an unanswered thread in the bugs forum about it. Seems that certain matches aren't considered important enough, and the quick match engine is used instead of the full engine that provides all the stats. Especially annoying for reserve friendlies where you are trialling players. If you turn the detail level up to full for your league, the reserve friendlies will always be played in full detail. Bit of a crap solution though.
  3. Have you asked your Assistant Manager to take care of them (under team settings)?
  4. I agree. Due to the financial strap in recent years, I doubt there would be much competition, but the best OF teams of the last 10 years wouldn't have had any problem surviving in the PL. That's when they both had the cash to afford half decent squads.
  5. I wouldn't imagine the effect would be significant on 2D. Sometimes updating drivers has a negative affect. I've just used gamebooster for the first time, which advised me of the newest drivers for my card. Unfortunately, these caused my gfx card to crash intermittently, and I had to rollback to the older version.
  6. I think for those that strive for realism in a management simulation it's perfectly acceptable that you can only take certain clubs so far before you hit a plateau, whereby you either ditch for a bigger club, or put up with the stagnant years while you improve infrastructure. No pain, no gain. I think the game needs some more options to "turn off" this kind of limiting factor (and other realistic inhibitors) that alienate some gamers, and let those that enjoy them got on with it.
  7. There's people on this forum that would be utterly lost if they didn't have threads/posts to be negative about. Just throwing you a bone
  8. 15 pints of Stella. Can't remember a thing.
  9. Fabregas to Barcelona future transfer in summer 2011 has also been included.
  10. Has he changed the links? I don't get it otherwise.
  11. Pretty common with all forums, unfortunately. Why on earth you wouldn't compile 4 hours worth of data into something more secure (like a word document) before posting is beyond me.
  12. Exactly. My club is run like a business, not a bloody charity.
  13. http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/199-Football-Manager-2011-Bugs-Forum
  14. Yes. I have steam on my pc, and use disk on my laptop, which isn't always connected to the internet.