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  1. Hi, I have a save on one laptop which I would like to play on another. I have all the boxes ticked in the steam cloud settings but the save isn't appearing under cloud saves in the laptop I want to play FM on. It's the same account, if anyone thinks I'm stupid. Anyone give me ideas to fix this?
  2. I went Sheffield UTD, going good so far! Feel free to share other suggestions for future saves I may do
  3. That's a good shout actually. I'm gonna go them! Cheers lol
  4. If you could give me more suggestions that'd be great! Don't know much about the Australian league but Phoenix are now a consideration! Just want to weigh out my options
  5. Hello, just want some ideas as to who to go as a new save. I want a save which is fun but also a bit challenging. I have done many saves so far this year but none have clicked yet. I want a sort of Southampton team but in a different league. Not too good a team or too bad. Any ideas are welcome
  6. So I have recently ordered a new laptop (ACER Aspire ES1-531) and I am wondering if this laptop will run football manager 2016 half decently. I'm not really that knowledgable of laptops so any help will be much appreciated. The ram of the laptop is 4GB and the hard drive space is 500GB cheers.
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