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  1. Thanks for the reply @summatsupeer. I have tried a few different things now, but its not quite happened with this tactic yet. Based on your suggestions I have made a few more tweaks. Switched both CBs to BPD and turned off play out of defence. Switched full backs to FB-S - the FB-D has been a bit of a trial and it has been ok, still not quite right though. Switched the two CMs around. I now have the a MEZ-S on the left and the CM-A on the right. I was shipping to many goals with 4231 and so I shifted to this tactic and it has been better. However I still wanted to get Alli and Eriksen in the side, hence the CM-a (alli) and AP-S (Eriksen). Eriksen has still been good in that role, 10 assists and 10 goals so far. Any thoughts on the DMC role? I have tried Dier in a few different roles, DEF-D and now as a Anchor, he is getting an average around 6.9 all season but I think he can do a bit better. Thanks for help.
  2. I am on my second season with spurs and doing ok, some fairly bad injuries to key players (lloris out for 5 months, Kane out for 4 months) has made the season quite tough. Anyway, I have been working on a 41221 attacking tactic which has had some success, but I am not quite there. I loose when I should draw, draw when I should win. I think with a few more decent additions to the squad it will be pretty good, however I could do with some tips on the tactic, so anything jump out as obviously wrong or could do with tweaking? Thanks.
  3. Quick question - how do you check an individuals mentality? I was reading a thread yesterday (can't find it now), where it showed the effect team mentality had on individuals but I could not find a way to see this in-game. Thanks.
  4. This is a solid tactic. The only thing I changed was to stop the two forwards rotating. So in new game, 1st Season with Spurs. Played 18, won 14, drawn 3, lost 1. Scored 45, against 10. 45 Points.
  5. Thanks for the reply - note to self, actually read posts properly. I should have asked what LordAEM actually changed and how that effected results.
  6. What sort of impact have you been having Pompeyboyz with your changes?
  7. So, finished my 3rd season (1st with this tactic) with Spurs. Played 38 W29 D4 L5 F73 A23 overall points 91. We fairly walked the league, my losses tended to be 1-0 away affairs. A good solid tactic, good work.
  8. I have been using the standard tactic, v1 with my spurs team in the 3rd season. Using my own tactics, I did pretty well in season 1 (1st with 79 points, very tight finish) and season 2 (1st with 75 points), I didn't do quite as well even though my squad was better. I was playing, generally, a 4231 counter tactic. I thought I would give this a go, although I generally don't use plug in tactics as a rule however this looked close to how I wanted my team to play. In my 3rd season, using the Testudo tactic all through preseason and now with 19 games gone I can report really positive results. P19, W17, D0 and L2. My losses were both 1-0 results away to quite defensive teams, I just couldn't break them down, I had far more chances. So, with a decent team the standard version of the tactic is really good in my experience.
  9. I am also going to give it a go. I have had a fairly successful 4231 tactic with spurs, but its not quite right. In many ways this is similar so I want to see if I can learn something.
  10. I am playing Alli a bit more, he is doing well but my two man midfield is getting breached a bit more than I would like. hmmmmm.
  11. Lamela was good for me as an inside forward in the first season. 21 app, 8 gls, 6 assists. Sold him for 25m to PSG.
  12. I am in my second season now, I actually managed to win the league in the first season. Not by a long way at all I just put a run together at the right time, I finished on 79 points, so fairly low point total to win the league, Chelsea next on 78 and then the Arse also on 78. Kane had an immense first season, 31 league goals. My team is fairly different in the second season, I have just gone past the January transfer window. I play a 4231 system, counter, structured, retaining possession. In actual fact, I don't really think the tactic should work, but who am I to argue with results? I am working on to other versions, attacking and counter but they are not fluid yet. Current side GK - Lloris Dr - Mayke - absolute beast, played as full back attack, 18 assists in the league, overlapping the AMR DL - Rodriguez, from Wolsberg. DC - Dier DC - Shkodran Mustafi - great DC, doing really well. MCR - Bender - my ball winning mid MCL - Bentaleb - getting by the game. AMC - Eriksen - who else? AML - Shaqiri - from Stoke, they went down. 25m, 23 games in league, 11 goals and 7 assists AMR - Lucas Moura - 35m from PSG, finding his feet, but very highly rated by scouts. SC - Kane, 22 in 24 so far this season. I have been blooding Alli slowly, but I am looking to bring in for Bender, probably as a Roaming playmaker. I am trying to use my scouts to find players rather than searching online, not sure how long I can resist looking though. The tactic is challenging and makes the game fun. Currently sitting 2nd to man u (54 points). I have 52 points from 24 games.
  13. I have a similar tactic to this, however what I have changed as a result of this is how I deliver team talks. Usually this was left to my AM who I try and ensure has good motivation. However I have been using FuSSs advice and so far so good!
  14. Hi there, Been having fun on the beta, just got the full version. If I don't restart will I miss out on any changes between beta and full game? I know the saves are compatible but didnt want to miss any features. Thanks rosscouk
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