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  1. You can block the first season transfer budgets... go to the advanced options when you start a game and check that option at the bottom. There are threads helping with that elsewhere on the site, as well. But actually, now that you bring that up, I have always wanted the option to block any first season transfers from taking place but still allow the option to loan out players. Again, just another wrinkle to the game setup that adds more freedom and power to the player. Also, consider adding [Suggestion] to the title of this thread to help the devs when they look for feature ideas i
  2. It would be really great if the Editor had support for saving filters. I find that I reuse a lot of the same filters (same as the game... go figure) and so it would save some time and effort if we could have those templates handy to pull up from previous sessions.
  3. It would be really awesome if the developers provided some automation tools that allowed for editing certain fields in the FM Editor database across multiple specified records (based on whatever search criteria) at the same time (could be players, staff, clubs, competitions, nations, etc.). You could specify how you want to 'map' the edits onto the records based on certain formulas, if/then statements, etc., as well. A analogous feature would be something like what MS Excel has with if/then conditions and formulas. I feel like the idea is fairly intuitive, right? If not, here's a concret
  4. I would like if they had an option to have the winter updates take place 'retroactively' at the start of the season like they do now, an option to have them scripted to take place at the date that it actually occurred, as well as an option to not have them take place at all so you can start the season as it actually happened. I mean, they already have someone updating the database. Why not have them add some of the extra details to different versions of the database? Then just add the basic interface options to the start of the game. Perhaps this type of feature could also just be added to the
  5. I agree that FM needs to head in a more visually appealing direction. The game engine/graphics have steadily improved, but the rest of the game is glorified database hunting and barely-interactive email scrolling. It'd be cool to have some visual of training sessions where you can choose drills, press conferences where you and the media are shown in a room somewhere (the dialogue experience is a whole other thread...), a visual when talking to the owner, and more. Hell, I wouldn't mind if they at least just put up an image and a basic video/background thing like Civ has for its leaders.
  6. I often like to switch young players' potentials from the fixed integer to the corresponding random integer range to add variability to my game saves (so I don't know which players are future stars as I do with the default database), but I found the 30 digit range to be a bit too broad in many cases. For players with very little professional experience, that broad of a range is suitable since it is hard to know how good a player can be until he's actually played some at the professional level. But for young players who have actually played some professionally but can still develop a fair amoun
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