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  1. Hi. Game not working at all now. Goes to the football manager 2018 start up screen then does nothing. Have uninstalled and re-installed twice. Could you advise please? Many thanks
  2. Are we any closer to a resolution for this been a couple of weeks now?
  3. Great thread Cleon!! Just wanted to pick your brain if I could. I've created a few different tactics that work really well but always tail off. I dominate and win 6-7 games in a row but then quickly it falls away and I begin to lose heavily and results only improve after I change the tactic again. Is this just a case of the tactic not being as strong as I may think?I've read posts that says the AI can work out your tactics and come up with ways to play against you so you have to keep things fresh but notice you didn't change or tweak yours throughout the season. Also do you think a possession tactic could work in the lower leagues?
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