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  1. Nice to see others having great success with Crewe as well. Half way into the third season. We have done pretty good in the transfer market so the team is pretty good. The signing of Zach Clough is huge, such a great player. My board accepted the offer for Felix Horn Myhre, so there was nothing I could do which was disappointing since I belive we could get had a lot more for him. Currently on a four game win streak against good opponents so we are starting to really settle. Maybe we can go all the way and get promoted this year as well? Who knows.. If we don't get any big injuries on our best players then I actually think we have a chance. The club is growing in all levels and we just finished another upgrade on our youth- and training facilities, so the future looks really good. After spending a lot of money on that and transfers I have to sell one or two guys to straighten up the economy, we are 1mill negative, and I don't like that. Not a crisis since we only loose 100k a month, but I always like to keep an healthy economy.
  2. Yeah, those transfers did gain the development of the club. We also got 30-40 % of the next transfers of those young players that I hope will gain us in the long run. Especially Bowler who was a great youth graduate. Da Silva Lopes is decent. Hopefully he will develop good this season. But the guy thats impressed me the most is Callum Saunders, unfortunately he got injured 5-6 months last season. Will be interesting to see who we do in Championship...
  3. Crewe is such a nice team on FM. Just finished my second season. Promoted to Championship after a great season in League One, we were top of the league but failed to win the last three matches so we ended up second. Here is my transfers: Economy is good so we upgraded youth facilities and now the board just accepted to upgrade both youth and training facilities. Promising times ahead in Crewe!
  4. Here are some great prospects if you have the Norwegian leagues: Mathias Svenson (18 years old AMC with 19 long shots, 16 free kick and good physical stats) Markus Solbakken (15/16 years old central mid with good passing and physical stats) Håkon Rekdal (18 years old winger/striker, a great catch. Good technique, dribbling and physical stats) Felix Horn Myhre (17 years old central mid. He is just the best hidden gem. Could play as high as Championship. Already great stats except low speed. They all have 4 star + in potential.
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