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  1. Yes, i have also realized after i posted the comment about it. Ferdi Kadioglu seems like he is Dutch but he hasn't played an international game for Netherlands yet, so he doesn't count as a foreign player. Anyway, i will have to arrange my overfilled squad now. Thanks for the reply.
  2. When i try to register a partially Turkish player (in this case Eray Comert) it counts as a foreign player.
  3. Just decided to start a new career with Hamburger SV, and have seen TFF in the forums. I will be trying the tactic without Instant Results. Will post again after i have played some games. Great to see you again
  4. 20.2.1 Changelist------------------------ Fix for users encountering crashes before/after matches taking place- Fix for rare issue when user encounters crash when attempting to add an additional tactic- Fix for rare issue where users are unable to go past 'Match Preview' screen before a match- Fix for users unable to enter password via game status screen on low resolution systems Seems like no ME updates
  5. I am managing Bologna, the tactics i have been using were Tequila 4132 and Symphaty 4222, which were also doing good after the patch. Today i began to try the new 20.2 updated 4132 and here are the results. Loss to Juventus seems bad on the score, but first, they are Juventus, and second we had 2 red cards. Until the red cards it was a draw and stats were more on my side. Lazio match, we were dominating the stats, they had 1 CCC we had 4. Just FMd i guess. Seems to work fine, thanks Knap.
  6. I am receiving a lot of yellow cards, is it how its supposed to be? I have 175 yellow cards and 5 red cards in 43 games played, in the league my team has 20 more yellow cards than the second worst discipline team.
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