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  1. Haha you know it yeah its annoying to pay around £450 to play the real Fm as FMH just doesn't give you the same buzz! I am working a lot whilst I'm home so by the end of the hols I should be able to up my budget somewhat.
  2. Awesome, thanks for such a swift reply, I'll bear that in mind!
  3. Amount of a leagues/clubs, Large database, usually only load and play in England. Are 3d graphics important? Nope. What other tasks do you do when playing FM? I don't play other games, generally surf the web/emails, want to move away from chromebooks /notebooks Is game speed essential? I want a "good" FM experience Fast load and save times? The faster the better. Screen size important? Not bothered. Does it need to be portable: Not bothered. Where are you in the world and where do you usually buy from online. Based in the UK. Tesco or Argos have been the only websites I've properly looked at. Max budget is probably £300, if possible. Have seen a lot of laptops on here but many are way out of a uni students budget! Any feedback is appreciated!
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