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  1. Ah okay, thanks for your time and response. If you need a savegame or something let me know. Cheers.
  2. Once a week you get the Training Week In Review Report. Mostly it tells me we been preparing attacking movement. Whatever training i give. This week for a change its attacking free kicks even though I did not train them at all, neither did I the week before. So where does the message come from and how do you influence it. Because during matches I get the message we should train more on defensive set pieces. However when I do that, according to the weekly review we trained attacking movement. I read by training those specific things. Clearly not as I can train 3 weeks in a row only defense stuff, going from defensive set pieces to defensive shadow play, and so on. I will still get the message that we trained well on attacking movement. How? Been playing around with it, and I cant get any logic behind the message. Is it just random? Is it bugged? Any of you had any luck influencing it, and if yes how?
  3. Hi, did you find out why it is greyed out by any chance? As im having the same thing. I did see a message about not enough leaders in my team so I am wondering if that is why its greyed out? I tried assigning training etc to various staff to see if it changes but nope.
  4. Hi I have the exact same issue. Reinstalled, deleted cache and preferences. Added the line to start in borderless, nothing works. It might have started after an Nvidea update but not sure. It used to work till 2 weeks ago or something.
  5. Didn't read trough all 30 pages. Sorry if it has been mentioned before. Is it me, or is there a ridiculous amount of own goals? I'm seeing owngoals in almost every game. Is it a bug, or a setting of my defenders ? (Not assuming the latter because I see my opponents getting owngoals against too).
  6. For me it worked now. Thank you Neil. @ rufcjoe : During Beta period,bugs are found, those updates fix some of those bugs, in the past (before 2010 etc) one had to wait months for a big update, now they are easily distributable trough steam. Guess both manners have cons for everyone.. , good luck and hope it doesnt take you too long anymore Edit : dont know if it is possible to play without the updates, thats one Neil probably can answer..
  7. Thats the option I am trying now. It looks like its doing more as before now.
  8. Same happening to me, whatever I do, its downloading the game from steam, am not being asked to put in the code neither and when I start the game up its BETA again..
  9. http://bayimg.com/habMeaaFb Name: Dennis Praet Position: CM Age: 19 Club: Anderlecht Value: £1.6M Sale Value: n/a Work permit?: No
  10. I disagree. Been doing it for years with logmein and it works fine bar viewing the matches. Edit :Of course it depends on network connections etc.
  11. I use logmein , free version. It works. Only issue is viewing in 3D, all the rest works fine.
  12. Got him in my RSC Anderlecht game. He's awesome. Became worldclass.
  13. I know, was just wondering if that would do the trick for us Too bad
  14. @ Stampler, I KNOW. But I do have a lot of German friends, who do not see the game in stores etc, because of the legal issues. They also can not down the demo now. So they have to pay immediately the full game somewhere else, to find out if its better than Fifa etc.
  15. It is a shame, living in germany but being from abroad it is a pain. Also, i have a lot of German friends, who would be hooked if they would be able to buy it here etc.
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