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  1. There is a problem in player profiles. I change the panels but it restore sometimes as you see in the video. Can we solve it? @keysi https://streamable.com/gbziui
  2. How can i make age and value font bigger? Which panel is it ? @keysi @mlodziezowy
  3. I'm not talking about with this. I want to change the font size of the skin. Because some of the panels have smaller font size and its difficult to see.
  4. new version is better i think but i want something to change. It's font size. How can i make it a little bigger? all of the fonts and panels.. @keysi
  5. hi @bluestillidie00. How can i make it bold? and also i have a problem on these panels. It is empty. How can i solve it ?
  6. it works. Thank you. Also there is one more thing. I want to transfer this player buy it doesn't show me his CA and PA. There isn't in the sections of the panels. How can i solve it ?
  7. hi @keysi . how can i make that font bold ?
  8. where can i download it ? which panel is it ? @michaeltmurrayuk
  9. when i used instant result, it shows me the result and statistics of the match like this. There is mixing :/ how can i solve it?
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