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  1. Thanks Welshace! I had a hunch that the i5-6200U/256GB SSD/8GB RAM combo would do the trick.
  2. Hi, I'm planning to buy a new 13" laptop that would be both portable (from the thinner and lighter end of the spectrum) and able to run FM16 smoothly at the same time. I would like it to run the 3D engine (doesn't have to be with full graphics options on, though) and with a moderate database (maybe something like 10-15 leagues). I have put my eyes on Asus UX303UA (http://www.amazon.com/ZenBook-UX303UA-13-3-Inch-Touchscreen-Windows/dp/B014VHW24Y) with Intel Core i5-6200U 2.3GHz, 256GB SSD Storage and 8GB RAM. I would really appreciate an experienced opinion on whether it would run FM16 smoothly, or should I turn my attention to somewhere else instead (keeping up with the 13" size)? Many thanks already! EDIT: HP Envy 13-d004no with almost identical specs is another option I've been considering...
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