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  1. I can find it in my Library directory, but not the one in my documents directory. I have some interesting PKMs to upload but I have no access to them.
  2. For some reason I have no Football manager 20 file to access my save. Ill check it out later. Here's what I was going to submit with the PKM, and really theres no point in deleting it. Will try again later. Sure thing, here's me losing 4-0 to Chelsea. While I did mention squaring it has improved, there are still some issues present. Notable instances: (Note that I don't expect all 1v1s scored) 18:50- Lacazette hitting the ballboy instead of getting it on target from close range 22:30- Aubameyang shooting from a narrow angle instead of laying
  3. While there seems to be an improvement in players squaring it, there are still problems. 1v1s are also still woefully bad.
  4. How else can I tutor them? I can't bring them into the senior team because they wont play a single game.
  5. so when yesterday me and my friend played an online career mode. It was all handy-dandy. We finished, logged off, and now we want to go again. He logs in, gets in the game (he's the creator of the server) and then I join. However I need to enter the password. Not the one to get into the server but for "take control" option. I enter the server password, thinknig that may work, but it doesnt. Now I have no idea what to do because i cant access the game. Any ideas?
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