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  1. Hello @Akranion, are them the only personal instructions that you have added to the players?
  2. I'm actually alternating (is correct? english is not my first language) 3 players in that role, here they are: What do you think? Are they fitting or I have to look for someone else?
  3. Hello guys! I'm trying to play a "Total Football" style in Serie B (Italian 2nd level). I have just started (friendlies, 2 Cup matches and 1 League match) but I think the play is developing well. This is the way I'm playing now: I was using Complete Wing-Back but I have noticied they crossed A LOT! Sadly, I cannot select Cross Less Often in CWB, so I changed them to Wing-Back, who still have Positive mentality. Other instruction I have selected are: BPDs: Dribble More (I'm not sure if keeping that, seems dangerous for a low level team) WBs: Stay Wider BBM: Move Into
  4. I was asking because I'm keeping an Excel with my players attributes to see a more "general situation" without have to scroll from player to player in game and see where I am most or least covered. I have a third division team, so attributes are not very high but neither very low. Thanks, by the way
  5. Hi @totalfootballfan I'm back with another weird question How much is more important, in your thought, an "High Importance Attribute" compared to a "Moderate Importance Attribute", in mathematical term? 3 times? I've also noticed that in the OP there aren't attributes for AMC, will you add them in a while? Thank you
  6. Thanks! Another question: I've noticied that there is only one filter for MC. Is better to choose BBM and DLP looking at which of this two role are best covered by the player or placing a left foot on MCL and right foot on MCR?
  7. @Totalfootballfan do you think I can retrain AML and AMR to ML and MR? I'm in a team where they used 4-2-3-1 and AML and AMR are the best players in team...
  8. Hi Mr U Rosler! A question for you (and excuse me for my poor english): what do I have to watch for value a player? 4 important skills? Coach report? Or what else? Thanks!
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