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  1. man city

    i had the same thing in fm08 (and in 09) On one save playing as liverpool I won the prem 12 years in a row and the CL 11 in a row before I got bored. ASlways struggled to beat city though. IU got around the problem on my current save by managing city :-)
  2. First Season

    Yep, In season 1 with Man city I won Premiership, Euro cup, league cup & FA cup. I did spend over 100 million on players though :-) Vagner Love was a revelation as was Zhirkov
  3. New FM09 9.3.0 Scout In The Works!

    works a treat top effort fella
  4. [Release] ActivePlayer FM09!

    works excellent. Top effort fella. I'm amazed at what you have achieved in a few days with this and the scout. A minor point from me, could you make the window smaller so it can sit on top without ruining game play
  5. New FM09 9.3.0 Scout In The Works!

    Think he means European community or EU players. No work permit issues
  6. Improvement Priority

    Please please please fix the injuries. I am now up to 118 injuries in one season and i'm in january!!
  7. I am on 9th Dec 2014 with Sampdoria and have a first team squad of 32 players. I'm so hacked off with the injury situation that I just counted the number of injuries sustained by my squad this season! Would you believe that in the first few months of the season I have incurred a total of 112 injuries. That equates to 3.5 injuries for every single player in the squad. Given that one or two players are out for 5 months it is actually more like 4 injuries for every single player. Now I'm sorry but that cannot in any way be described as realistic!! This is a career game so I dont really want to start a new game, but I am close to giving up....
  8. This is really driving me nuts. I was picking up the odd expected injury whilst using 9.0. No dramas. As soon as I updated the injury count has rocketed. I pick up at least two injuries a week, if not during matches then in training. I have toned down the training levels and have 7 star fitness training but it makes no difference. I just signed Boban for £45M for my 4 in a row seria A champs Sampdoria. he has suffered 4 injuries so far and has yet to kick a ball for me! Ageruo picked up 8 injuries last season (ranging from 2 weeks to 2 months in duration) At one stage last season I had 15 players out injured and could barely field a team. This really is spoiling the game for me.
  9. works fine for me with the patch to. I'm on an intel mac running leopard 10.5.5
  10. its worked ok for me first time on database v9.00. I have not installed the patch. so I will let you know how it goes after that is applied.
  11. Bought the boxed version today and installed & authenticated with no problem whatever. Patched though steam no bother. I did have one glitch, prog crashed at my first team selection. Restarted, switched to windowed mode and spent a happy afternoon getting up to speed :-) Having fun :-)
  12. Steam

    Thought that might be the case. Thanks very much
  13. Steam

    folks, now that the issues seem to be resolving I will buy the game. If I download via steam can I play on a mac? I use windows vista on my laptop & have a mac as my desktop and would like to play on both??
  14. Guys, As a forty something latecomer to FM (I only caught the bug with FM2008) I found it a bit of a slog getting into the game. Frustration with putting my own tweaks on the standard tactics (thereby getting roundly thrashed consistently) lead to me using tactics created by others to try to understand the game better. I became somewhat dissillusioned when using things like Kimz tactics which lead to me often going through a whole season undefeated and winning every competition I entered. With my Rangers team working on one of the tweaked britsh league DB's I won the league 12 years in a row and CL 11 in a row. It was fun for a while and then I realised I could put the game into holiday mode and still win just about everything. Now that I have a basic understanding of how the game works I will use these threads as a way of building tactics around my own players strengths and weaknesses. I will also avoid things like genie scout which also make things far too easy. I also fell into the trap of using scout to ID good youngsters and develop them at no cost, often selling them later at huge profit. Improvements in the scouting and transfer system in FM09 will hopefully make this unnecessary. I am totally in awe of how much effort you guys have put into the development of TT&F. I will look at my team, work out its strengths and use one of your formation tactics to buld my own system. I have no doubt that your efforts will lead to a huge increase in enjoyment of the game for myself and others. Many many thanks and much kudos for your time and effort on behalf of us all. regards Alan
  15. sorry dude but isnt this all pretty pointless. The game is coming out at the weekend with DRM. Do you think that they will pull the game and change the security system at this stage? I think not ;-)