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  1. Sacked with Harrogate first season in, for not reaching playoffs. Guiseley got relegated and employed me, now first and unbeaten in Vanarama National League North, so not too bad
  2. 2040 with AFC Fylde so far. Won everything now with the club, but yeah I also like building a club and legacy up.
  3. Currently with AFC Fylde, started it when the beta came out, a few weeks ago. Had a lot time recently from half term etc and after playing for a few weeks, I'm in the 22/23 season and n the championship. Struggling though.
  4. Cheers mate, much appreciated. Good luck in the title run in.
  5. Would you be able to show your tactics page and transfers, just to get a further insight into your amazing start?
  6. Some pretty good saves going, great finding out what teams others are managing, trying to get some inspiration on how to manage next, decided on Leiria, in the Portugal national championship, should be fun i hope.
  7. Ok, that's fair enough then. Managing Woking, in 2029. Won the conference. L2. JPT x 1 . Fa Cup x 4. Prem x 4. Champions League x 2. Super Cup x1. Com Shield x 2.
  8. Not sure if this should be on the FM career updates section, but just generally wondering, who are you guys with on FM16 and a brief summary of how you're doing? Just want to see, how your FM16 saves are going and who you are with?
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