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  1. @Lucas: Oh yeah I'm not expecting to be able to run the same amount of leagues every year, but it's just a bit ridiculous to go from like 20+ leagues to less than 4 in the space of one release. I've tried all of those suggestions and mentioned so in my original post If you buy a game and your computer exceeds the minimum requirements, you would expect to be able to play the game, wouldn't you? @João14: It's not the Retina Display man. I've checked and unchecked that box about a thousand times. It has no effect.
  2. Well whenever the fans start going crazy I check the CPU usage and it's always really high. I understand that the CPU will fluctuate but the fans are obviously going mental because the processors are being over worked. I just don't understand why this is such a big problem this year when it wasn't last year. Last year on the same MacBook I ran every single league in England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy and Spain as playable and every other country/league as "View Only" and I never ran into any problems like this. This year I'm only running England (Premiership to League 2) and it's going mental?! Somethings not right this year and it's not my MacBook dude. Graphics card wise, I'm not actually sure. I spec'ed out my MacBook Pro as much as Apple would allow me to when I bought it so I would imagine it's pretty decent. But just as a benchmark I ran the match experience in 3D last year and every setting was set to "Very High" and it ran absolutely fine. The game is unplayable in it's current state (even though it meets the minimum requirements outlined by yourselves) and if no further suggestions can be made, I would like to enquire about how I would go about getting a refund pretty please - sorry to be a pain, but this is just ridiculous.
  3. Hey guys, This is a bit mental and I'm really worried that I'm destroying my MacBook by playing this game. I've got a MacBook Pro Retina Display. 2.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor - 16GB RAM etc. - basically it exceeds the minimum requirements. But every time I start the game within 2/3 minutes, before I even get to a match-day, the fans are notably loud (I've not heard a peep out of them in the 3 years I've had the MacBook) and if I go into Activity Monitor the CPU usage often exceeds 300% - which is cray cray - so I'm really worried I'm burning out of my lovely processors. I've tried windowed mode. I've set everything in the graphics section to "Very Low" and I've unchecked "Retina Mode" and it still keeps happening. I've played FM14&15 on the same laptop and not had any problems what-so-ever. So are there any other suggestions? It's a bit rubbish that this is happening to be honest. I've bought every single FM game since 2000/2001 and now I can't play it on a laptop that cost me £2,500
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