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  1. Hello does anyone have the same problems?
  2. Their is a lot of things on my whislist but i will just mention some of them Make u18 national teams and competions playble Make all Juniorchampionship divisions playable Make all u20 and u18 national teams playable Fix so you can arrange practice games with national teams Give national teams money that they can use to develop facilities in the country, and build new arenas. It would be really nice to develop a nation and take control of all national temas from u18 to senior. Fix a alternative their clubs can invest money in their facilities
  3. Hi, I have noticed a bug in the WJC, when you bring a AHL player to your team, he will only play the group stage, and when it is time for playoffs, he will not be able to play for his country cause he returns to his AHL club, it´s happens with every AHL player so it is really annoying.
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