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  1. November I continued to use 4-3-3 counter pressing system this month. Our goalkeeper Tom Kretzschmar saved 2 penalty this month which was against Fürth II and Bayern II ! Jimmy Marton was on fire in the last 3 league games. 4-3-3 has been effective but changes will be required if our opponents adapts it . I made some changes in cup game just to keep our players fresh . Table Results I am happy to announce establishing partnership with Schalke 04. We will benefited from the friendly gate receipts ,hopefully they wi
  2. October Results We visited FC Memmingen and played poorly. We had few chances and hit the post once but our opponent controlled the whole game. Felix Weber’s red card in 60th minute made us impossible to win , I was happy with clean sheet. Then I switched to 4-3-3 when hosting Bayern Hof at Home, it worked well. We had another scoreless draw at home when hosting Schweinfurt because of poor finishing . We then smashed a lower division team in Cup Match which boosted our confidence . We finished October with a 1:0 win but Felix Bachschmid will be sidelined for
  3. September We had a decent,unbeaten September. The game against Burghausen was really tough.Although they only had 1 shot on target, but their high press and the rainy weather stopped us to build up from the back. We scored the only goal from long throw in, their defender made a silly mistake, trying to save a corner, he did it but Jan Mauersberger was in the right place at the right time to score a tap in goal. We almost had a ‘clean-sheet month’ but Nico Karger was unlucky to score a o.g. , he blocked the shot but it was deflected and it went off the post. I did not bla
  4. August We started August with a positive 3-0 win at home and maintaining winning streak to 7 games before ended by SV Schalding-Heining. We conceded a early goal in 16th minute and the attacking was disappointing but luckily we managed to score equalizer with a deflected goal . I have the feeling the games are getting harder and harder , we maintain unbeaten run though. We are leading the table with 2 points and we will play against Nürnberg II a few days later . After that we will visit SV Wacker Burghausen which have only conceded 2
  5. July We had a positive start in the league and cup . In the game against SV Seligenporten , which is also my league game of my managerial career, we beat them at home . We controlled the whole game . We then had ‘Munchen Derby’ . Young start Fabian Benko also featured in this game but had no big impact. Nico Karger scored the opening goal in 12th minute while Jan Mauersberger extent the lead from corner. We limited their chance but Adrian Fein made it back to 2:1 after a chaos from corner. Timo Gebhart killed the game by scoring 2 goals. Following the Derby we faced a 5th tier team in Bay
  6. TacticsBefore the next update , let’s talk about the tactics first . Flat 4-4-2. Control ,Flexible, Play Much Narrower .Goalkeeper Tom Kretzschmar: Young guy, just 17-years-old , excellent reflexes and aerial reach but poor technical. Centre Backs Jan Mauersberger and Aaron Berzel : Both guys played 2. Bundesliga before. Pure quality for a 4th tier team. Full Backs: Koussou is attacking full-back with pace while Wein is a defensive full back to make the team more balancedCentral Mids: Felix Weber is a naturally centre back and great tackler so I put him in mid to consolidate my defense .Jan
  7. 16 July Season starts ! Our first league game is against SV Seligenporten. We creates tons of chances in the first half and Jimmy Marton scores the penalty in 35th minute . We are super unlucky though , hitting the post 3 times ! After the break we dont give any opportunity to our opponent, still applying high pressure , moving the ball around. We get another penalty in 53th minute and Jimmy Marton extends the lead. In the 69th minute ,Nicholas Helmbrecht delivers a nice through ball to Nico Karger and makes it 3:0. Match Review Tom Kretzschmar, th
  8. 2 July We played 2 pre-season game against bundesliga teams. We created chances but wasted. The quality was the difference. The results were expected , the lads did well and we earned some money which we really need right now. Transfer Window has started, I don't have enough budget to sign player from free-agent market, I am looking for players to loan from B team of higher tier teams. I need more players, 19 is not enough for the season. 8 July Finally, agreement between Brentford has been reached. Jan Holldack will join on loan until the end of season.
  9. Pre-season - First Day No time for ********. I met the president,staff and players today. I told about my ambition but the lads were low in morale. Anyway, Let's start training. Bjorn informed me he will NOT invest a lot of money this season. That's okay. I love using young players. This is also my philosophy. I will stick to this.
  10. Intro & Overall Results Summary GoodyBye “1860 Munich, the city's other club, are struggling to become noisy neighbours.” ---theguardian 1860 Munich is the oldest club in Munich. Being one of the founding members of Bundesliga in 1963. They won the league in 1966, and has played a total of 20 seasons in the top flight. Now, the club is playing at 4th tier. 1860 Munich are famous for producing stars. Julian Weigl ,Bender bros, Kevin Volland, Fabian Johnson and Julian Baumgartlinger are the most recent examples. They are full internationa
  11. 1860 Munich was relegated to the Regionalliga Bayern for the 2017–18 season. Therefore, I wanna bring them to glory again... However, I cannot find German Lower League database which is compatible with 17.3 Can anyone provide it? Thanks in advance...
  12. Sorry. Does not have the pkm. I just let it go and there is the new season.
  13. yes. Sometimes the gk puts the ball down and moves forward, the usually just kicks it away... Is this actually bug or bad kuck...
  14. And this just happened ... well .Maybe he wanna join Chelsea? or can we conduct an investigation about match fixing...
  15. So I am managing Athletic Bilbao, which have some promising youngsters in B team. Most of them are under 23 years old. I do not register them for 1st team. In match day of 1st team I can only select a few of them.( there is no game for B team in the same day) Is there any particular rule of using B team players in LaLiga? such as Age, 1st team appearance etc? Or I need to move promote them into 1st Team first, and put the back to B team after match day ?
  16. I just started a save coaching Valerenga. They have the best youth recruitment and youth facilities in Norway. Trying to dominate the domestic league with kids . tried with brondby in fm 16.
  17. great shoutout ! Neil Lennon, David Platt, Robbie Savage, Westwood, Ashton, Powell etc ! Look for more input
  18. Can any devs/ experienced players explain the move into channels instruction? Does it mean finding space between full back and center back? or it simply means players are more likely to make vertical, lateral movement to find space between defenders and become options rather than stand still?
  19. Player Name: Javier Lok Date of Birth (day and month only, all players start aged 16): 23th May Position: LB Secondary Position (Optional): LM Preferred Foot: Right Height (cm): 177 Weight (kg): 63 Strong technical/GK attributes (pick 4): Crossing,Dribble,Marking,Tackling Strong mental attributes (pick 2): Composure,Decision Strong physical attributes (pick 2): Acceleration, Stamina
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