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  1. I think it is difficult to create Hazard's role He is given max freedom, he appears everywhere.
  2. just wonder,, will there a update patch at the official release date? just del it if i ask in wrong post
  3. where can i report a missing player who is playing in USA ?(despite he is playing at 3tier only)
  4. Kosovo National Team is manageable ,which excitied me however ,without unlocking the domestic league, is it unsustainable to manage as few Kosovoan will generate as regen ? Also ,will players allow to represent Kosovo even they have represented other countries before (just like real life case)
  5. if my player failed to unlearn some ppm , should i insist to tell him to unlearn again ? or just simply give up ?
  6. Useless coaches lol Do coaches' attributes affect PPM training? And is it better to train PPM before 23-years old? after 23, it would be harder to train?
  7. I think aggression and bravery as well as team work can hardly improve.
  8. When i suggest my coach to train players' ppm ,they usually they cant do that blah blah blah..... Is it best to ignore those advice?
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