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  1. Same problem here! Its possible to share only the routines, @Totalfootballfan
  2. Man, one more thing... Can you share the Individual Training for each position? I can't find that on OP... Thanks!
  3. Thanks, but... You start with raptor (tweak),, yeah? and if you are losing? Did you put the Aniquililator on Match Plan? If yes, how? Thanks a lot!
  4. Tff, any tips for match plans on Football Manager Touch? I used Blood Bloodlust V3 away and Executioner V2 home, and i won the Vanarama League North (England)
  5. Hey @Totalfootballfan What do you suggest in FM Touch Match Plan? (with combo Blood + Punisher) For me, until now (in FMT), the Ashbringer still the best! Thanks a lot!
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