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  1. Thanks but please don't use sites like this, info there oftentimes is wrong. I will ask Colombian researcher to provide the history but if he doesn't know the entries will remain blank.
  2. Thanks indeed in October of 2015, updated in the DB
  3. Incidentally, this will allow the game flow to continue, a linesman will be less stressed about making an incorrect call, because if the goal isn't scored, the decision is not reviewed as no harm is done. Only the goals are reviewed, see no point in NOT doing it. In NHL the brought goal review after a couple of no-goals cost teams victories in playoffs, that was almost 10 years ago. Incidentally, if soccer was an American sport, we would already have this video installed and used 10 years ago as well, and many other things that we here in American sports take for granted (transparency in refereeing for example). As it stands FIFA is promoting soccer as a dishonest game - I do not understand why.
  4. LOL uzbek referee can't tell a corner from a goalkick
  5. Gooooooooooooooooooooooooool
  6. Should've been a red for #3 SA, quite a nasty tackle
  7. You summed it up pretty well - their technical attributes are poor. Mental too. Many of them have poor stamina, but not all. But saying that two 6'3"/185 lbs players should have strength difference of 10 points just because one of them is in EPL and the other is in the Conference is just plainly ridiculous. The players' thinking can be slow, but it doesn't mean they're also physically slow as turtles. So far teams that came from Championship into EPL and have some technically gifted players fared OK in EPL. Teams that rely only on hard work and strength are doing fairly poor.
  8. We're talking about players of similar size here, not midgets. As for stamina, it's important, but players can be substituted. The OP is correct - the physical attributes of many players in lower leagues should be on par with those of in EPL and in many cases even higher. There is a huge problem with CA/attributes assignment at the moment, it's good that SI acknowledges it, but they really need to start working on it and fix it.
  9. It's decision making, anticipation and concentration that separate a top level player from an average one.
  10. LOL, how exactly they would undo it in 2 minutes?