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  1. I will update all stadiums in Honduras to reflect sitting capacity.
  2. [U.S.A.] (Official) Data Issues

    John Harkes 1990 Albany Capitals 20-0 Born in Kearny, NJ, not East Rutherford First goal August 13, 1989 against S. Korea NT debut March 23, 1987 against Canada
  3. [U.S.A.] (Official) Data Issues

    Steve Trittschuh's player history is incorrect/incomplete 1991 1 Tampa Bay Rowdies 7-0 1991 2 Sparta (Prague) 13-1 1992 1 Tampa Bay Rowdies 16-2 1992 2 Dordrecht 7-0 He was born in Granite City, Illinois His national team stats are probably incorrect as they include non-FIFA competition in 1987 and Olympics in 1988. Should be 38-2 without those. First goal May 13, 1989 against T&T NT debut on 6/8/87 against Egypt
  4. Romanian giants

    He scored very few goals, so he's not truly a striker. But for marking you should watch forwards on defensive set pieces, you'd be surprised how many are actually pretty decent markers.
  5. Romanian giants

    He's a hustler, mostly plays as a deep forward, making runs from the deep. Not scared of physical contact and presses well and tackles. Probably need to reduce his tackling now. Also pretty intense aggressive and crazy. I don't know what he played at youth level, but it's possible he was a defensive mid. When he came to higher level he was already a forward.
  6. Romanian giants

    LOL, I guess FA had lost its patience, the team is removed from the competition, too bad.
  7. Romanian giants

    Anyone tried Şoimii Pâncota in Romanian League II? IRL they have almost no players, no money, 2 Italian owners that look like pizza chefs, a bag of problems with FA, and on top of that they have a whopping -89 GD so far this season. Haven't seen teams losing 14-0 in the same league like forever. How are they in the game?
  8. [Sweden] (Official) Data Issues

    Ivan Trubochkin of Umea has a leadership rating of 1. Don't know if it is randomly generated but should definitely be higher, he was a captain of Dynamo-2 in Ukraine.
  9. [Sweden] (Official) Data Issues

    Took over Umea, seems like all staff members don't match what's on Umea's website Robert Bergström, tränareTorbjörn Nordström, assisterande tränareKim Eriksson, målvaktstränareSteve Galloway, individuell tränareSandra Olinder, sportsmedCurt Dahlgren, materialErik Nordvall, lagedareAnders Eriksson, läkareJörgen Åström, sportchef
  10. I agree it is still being organized in Qatar, so shouldn't be moved. They could've held it in summer in the game, so scheduling headache is just an excuse. But the decision is final. At least in your game it was set in a normal country, in mine it was moved to Morocco.
  11. [Wigan Athletic] (Official) Data Issues

    Reposting from a different thread Will Grigg (Northern Ireland) who's at Wigan seems to be too great a player, scoring 4 goals/match twice in qualification so far. Not sure if he's overrated but perhaps he may need another look.
  12. Video technology NOW!

    Incidentally, this will allow the game flow to continue, a linesman will be less stressed about making an incorrect call, because if the goal isn't scored, the decision is not reviewed as no harm is done. Only the goals are reviewed, see no point in NOT doing it. In NHL the brought goal review after a couple of no-goals cost teams victories in playoffs, that was almost 10 years ago. Incidentally, if soccer was an American sport, we would already have this video installed and used 10 years ago as well, and many other things that we here in American sports take for granted (transparency in refereeing for example). As it stands FIFA is promoting soccer as a dishonest game - I do not understand why.