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  1. He scored very few goals, so he's not truly a striker. But for marking you should watch forwards on defensive set pieces, you'd be surprised how many are actually pretty decent markers.
  2. He's a hustler, mostly plays as a deep forward, making runs from the deep. Not scared of physical contact and presses well and tackles. Probably need to reduce his tackling now. Also pretty intense aggressive and crazy. I don't know what he played at youth level, but it's possible he was a defensive mid. When he came to higher level he was already a forward.
  3. LOL, I guess FA had lost its patience, the team is removed from the competition, too bad.
  4. Anyone tried Şoimii Pâncota in Romanian League II? IRL they have almost no players, no money, 2 Italian owners that look like pizza chefs, a bag of problems with FA, and on top of that they have a whopping -89 GD so far this season. Haven't seen teams losing 14-0 in the same league like forever. How are they in the game?
  5. I agree it is still being organized in Qatar, so shouldn't be moved. They could've held it in summer in the game, so scheduling headache is just an excuse. But the decision is final. At least in your game it was set in a normal country, in mine it was moved to Morocco.
  6. This guy is ****-poor, just trots around and does nothing. I can't understand why Portland would sign him
  7. Actually, USL would be alot easier to manage - there is no real draft system (not anymore), fairly lax restriction on foreigners, no allocations. No buying/seliing - only trading. The player quality became alot better - most teams a quite a bit stronger than they were even 5 years ago since USL can pay to MLS rejects more sometimes.
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