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  1. Thanks for the reply, yeah I've watched a few of Bust the net videos on YouTube, they are very good for understanding. I've tried with a preset tactic of direct counter and 442 which was recommended by the assistant, however I'm struggling with it at the minute.
  2. This a great a thread, did you manage to achieve what you set out to do? I've currently started a save with Blyth Spartans and I'm looking for a few tips on lower league tactics
  3. I have just started a lower league save with Blyth Spartans. In their club vision we are expected to play a high tempo pressing game, is that possible with the players in that league or should I concentrate on a more basic tactic? In my team report comparison we have high work rate, determination and team work compared to the rest of the league
  4. Thanks guys for the advice, I'll have a look at what you've said and change a few things up
  5. Ok, I understand what you’re saying regards my tactic being a big negative with United. Idea behind it was to have a lower/standard line of defence as United have slow centre backs and then from there trying to stay compact as to not leave space between my defence and midfield, leaving space so my fast forwards can attack the space. That is why I had the front 4 players on closing down more and leaving the mentality on positive would mean we wouldn’t also just sit back waiting for teams with a less reputation to attack. my role for my DLP(D) was there to try and suit getting Pogba into th
  6. has anyone got any advice on my tactic? I'm trying to make a counter style. I'm trying to use a split block with my defence regrouping and my front 4 players chasing and pressing. with a low line of engagement for my fast front players to exploit. it seems very inconsistent at the minute and i seem to struggle against team who set up with 3 centre backs and 2 wing backs. also my players on the left seem to get low ratings most games. any advice would be helpful, thanks
  7. is it possible to have my 4 defenders and 2 CM's as regroup and my wingers, CAM and striker on press? I have my team instructions as regroup and my forward players individual player instructions on close down more urgently, will one cancel out the other or will the players without the player instructions lose shape? also if anyone has any tips at all on my tactic feel free to mention them
  8. I'm finding all the same issues, after playing FMT on the iPad for years it feels like a totally different match engine to the switch version
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