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  1. SI has a licence agreement, including for logos. Im not sure you can change these logos freely.
  2. Id like to see some trainning exercises in 3D based at same MatchEngine: - how my players shoot penalties, free kicks ..... or how good they at 1on1 moments - how my corner's scheme really works - speed exercises, to realize which player with various params (pace/acceleration) is better for a role - maybe also how work prepared movements and tactic settings Right now any player, free kick or scheme look like a lottery before you see it in real 3D match.
  3. Each logo is uniqe. How the game will choose a place for each new star? Just put in random place above any *.png logo?
  4. Unbelivieble dream, forget about this)
  5. Checking player profiles without progress can be hard when you set "hide player skills"
  6. I've found a similar idea here
  7. Id like to see an interacitve world map in game: to see where is based my (or any) club in this world (smth like already exists in some FM skins) to realize how far away my team has to fly to apponents (smth like simple info from flightradar) in addition: to see how popular my club in any country, amount of fans, amount of sold paraphernalia (it can be based on current scouts info picture)
  8. Hello all! Is there a possibility to see a count(quantity) of won trophies by all players in one list or with another way? Of course, i can open page with biography each player, but it is not comfortable(( Maybe, there is a way to see this statistics using skin's mods, FMRTE or FMScout. P.S. just for me, it is very interesting thing - to know which curret players in the game have won more trophies then others Thanks.
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