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  1. Sorry, maybe I'm being thick here. I want them to appear in the match preview, not team overview, in the screen before a match.
  2. Can I have the stadium pics appear in the match preview screen? Now all I get is the default steklo.
  3. I mean, is it mandatory to use Steam to download the file? I am not using workshop. I don't care for steam and like to use it as little as possible. All my graphics files I have used the traditional way.
  4. Looks like a great skin. I am not using Steam, though. Where can I get it?
  5. Escaped their minds? How is that even possible? Their game is called football manager for the last 7 years or something. You think the OP thought something they haven't thought? They just haven't bothered with it for their own reasons. It would be great to have an official explanation though.
  6. Will the ability to make changes to the A.I. in certain aspects be available? Because that's the main problem of the game. All the stuff you mention are merely cosmetic. Games in steamwork allow for proper modding.
  7. Simple, stupid question after all this time: is there any way to somehow see, in a simple way, like a meter or any kind of indication, if your training is benefiting the team or not?
  8. Hello and thanks for the skin, it's simply amazing. Unfortunatelly, there is a problem with the fonts you are using. On 1980p, 60hz, the fonts get really small sometimes and lost into too much color. It seems like they need some kind of "clear font" adjustment. Please fix this because it's difficult to play like that and I have to change back to grandppa Steklo, hehe. Again, thanks a lot for the effort.
  9. I understand that but I can't even buy coaches, and there are places empty. It doesn't seem logical. If I use first window transfer, how messed will your files become? Thanks a lot. Or are coaches excluded?
  10. Hello, just a question, since this is my first time using an editor file. Should I allow first window transfers? If I do, will this change the experience of the file a lot? What do you reccomend?
  11. 33m for non football costs?! Are you Barcelona or something?
  12. Can you elaborate please? Also, what I want to know is -and this is genuine- is why this ME is better than last year's. What do people actually find better (and, please, the well known evangelists shouldn't jump at the opportunity)?
  13. It's a well known fact in football that all teams who want to keep a lead go on full attack. Oh wait...
  14. To the OP: Your comment is perfectly logical and the team shouldn't have any negative reactions when they are playing good and winning 1-0 at HT. The worst reaction should be indifferent and that's from the really ambitious and star players. It's another badly designed feature that rarely makes a sense to the player, unless you make some amazing leaps of logic.
  15. This is another thing that I'd wish SI would clarify. In real life a team knows how many physios it needs.
  16. No, they won't. Most complaints die out after the third patch, so what you claim is just hyperbole to defend SI and your somehow twisted notion of what an end product should offer to the customer. And how can SI win? Are you SERIOUSLY asking this kind of question? Hm... I don't know. How about this crazy notion: Maybe release a game that can actually work on SOME of its important levels instead of an unfinished beta version? People can accept patches but they shouldn't accept a product that plays so differently than what is advertised. SI and the marketing team (SEGA as well of course) KNOW that they majority of people are not hardcore FM players to actually come in the forums and complain or understand ANY of the major bugs. They can live with 100 people complaining in the forums because their customer base, as every videogame, is comprised of fanboys, casual and players who just don't know enough or give a **** about the many problems. They also have all the copy/paste reviews each year and they are set. That's what a corporate strategy is because SI and SEGA are companies and they only care about money. That's what companies do and that's fair enough for me. But I will play my role as a customer as they play their role as a company.
  17. -"No game has ever been released bug free" -"But many games have been released without major gameplay bugs, like FM" -"No game has ever been released bug free" -"SI released a demo so why do you complain?" -"But the demo can't possibly show all the ME faults, it's duration is too small" -"SI released a demo so why do you complain?" -"If you don't want to help SI with the bugs, why complain?" -"But it's not my job to help them, my job is to pay them and enjoy, as the box says, a simulation." -"If you don't want to help SI with the bugs, why complain?" -"Why do you complain about the ME when you can use these shouts + sliders + indivisual instructions to make the team press? -"Because it should be much simpler?" -"Why do you complain about the ME when you can use these shouts + sliders + indivisual instructions to make the team press? And the sad, pathetic truth about people who complain is this: -"I won't buy another FM on release day, ever again!" And then, as an idiot customer, goes and buys it. And then he complains again, he receives the same answers from the FM defenders and the cycle continues. On and on. Who's to blame? SI or the customer in the end, I wonder?
  18. Yeah, much sense. We should all thank him for explaining the obvious and actually accept this situation as normal. Thank him for his major insight.
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